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Job Share

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by Bella40-, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Bella40-

    Bella40- New commenter

    I will be going back to work from maternity and working part time. I will be sharing a job with another teacher. Does anyone have any ideas/best practice on communication between the two teachers as I am doing 3 days and the other teacher will be doing 2 days.
    I need to make sure it works as I would like to do this for a few years until my children go to school. Any hints/tips would be greatful.
    Also I have to write a letter to the governors to request the job share. If anyone has any advice as to what I should include that would be great.
    Thank you.
  2. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    Email? Phone?
  3. FollyFairy

    FollyFairy Occasional commenter

    Use of notepad on your shared desk?
    List of shared classes with comments by kids e.g late homework etc.
  4. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    Are you primary or secondary? If primary then split up some (not English/Maths) subjects so that you teach some and the other teaches others, e.g. you could do Science, History & RE and the other Geography, Music, Art for example.
  5. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    I've been part time ever since I had my first DD and I love it. It doesn't come without its disadvantages, but has lots of advantages at the same time. If you search on TES, theogriff has put links to the standard form of letter for requesting a return to part time. I think it is on Pay and Conditions, but I'm not certain.
    I first approached my head informally to test the waters and was asked to come with an idea of the days I wanted and how it would work for the school.
    I've usually done 3.5 days, so I've had the lunchtime to see the other teacher and do a handover. I chose 3.5 days partly because of the finances, partly because I wanted to still feel like they were mostly 'my' class and partly to make sure there was always that lunchtime chance to handover rather than never see each other. When I was on 4 days and I couldn't do that it was harder, we had a book for communicating with each other and made sure that there was very little that we taught the children that we were both responsible for, therefore cutting down on the amount of communication required.
    I've been lucky with my job share people as I've taught with 3 lovely people. We've always made time to meet and discuss things at the outset, and we text each other/fb message each other with important messages.

  6. At the beginning of the year my job share and I try to work out what routines we want to the class to follow - how the children line up, get ready for home, go to the toilet/get a drink, use of rubbers and pencil sharpeners etc. I've found this really helpful in the past but this year my job share tends to do her own thing and the children find it confusing.
    We also divide up the curriculum as much as we can so that we don't have to pick up what another person has started.
  7. cissy3

    cissy3 Star commenter

    I have done a couple of job-shares, one in FE, and one in secondary.
    They both worked really well. Perhaps I was just lucky with my jobshare partners!
    But I recommend it. Hope it works out for you OP.

  8. Bella40-

    Bella40- New commenter

    I am a primary school teacher and will be working in Year 2. Yes I think you're right about splitting the rest of the curriculum up as much as we can. We could then teach to our strengths.

    Thank you
  9. Bella40-

    Bella40- New commenter

    Thanks everyone for all your help/ideas and advice. It is greatly received.

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