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job share with assistant head

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by saf_nqt, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, just have come back from maternity and have been doing ppa. The head teacher asked mme a couple of weeks into feb what i wanted to do next year. I said ppa. She was fine with this. Then the week before the easter holidays she said i would have to do job share in a year 4 class (which i have never taught) with the new assistant head. When i had a chat to him he was very much like the class is my responsibility and he would be like the cover teacher for 2 days!!!
    When i spoke to NUT they were like a jobshare should be a role where you are both sharing planning, displays, parents evening etc. Anyway the bottom line is (when the head teacher saw my jaw drop) she said you have no choice!!!
    I really don't want to do job share especially if i will be doing a 5 day job in 3 days!!! Also i am not happy with the year group.
    I am looking into jobs but it is very hard to find part time or ppa jobs. The worst possible scenerio would be to look at doing supply in september.
    Has anyone gone back to supply after teaching for a while (been teaching 6 years)? Also im on up1 so am a not as emplyable? Im thinking why would schools pay someone that much to do ppa cover when they could get someone cheaper???
    any thoughts anyone.....
  2. Linda555

    Linda555 New commenter

    Hi, what a tricky position. It seems to be really difficult to get a part-time job. I have been teaching primary for nearly 4 years. After some very difficult personal circumstances I decided to leave my last school without a job to go to. In a chance conversation with another headteacher (who didn't know me professionally), I was offered some supply work. It seems it is cheaper than using agencies (I get 1/195 for each day). I wasn't particularly looking for work, but have had about a day a week, and compared to my old job, it is so much less stressful. I work from about 8 to about 4:30, teach whatever I'm given, in whatever year group they ask for. I cover break duties willingly, do all my marking and then go home! In my previous job I spent at least 10 hours a day, trying to keep up in a very pressurized environment, doing all sorts of "above and beyond" activities. If I wanted to, I'm sure there are other local schools that would also take on another supply teacher, to fill the rest of the week - there seems to be a reasonable amount of work. So I would recommend applying directly to schools - of course, the only snag is that there are no guarantees, so it depends on how badly you need to be in work for 3 days every week.

    ROSIEGIRL Lead commenter

    The other option is to try and clarify and improve the job-share situation in your present school.
    It may be useful to get more support and advice from the union and then talk to the head and assistant head about how things would actually work.
    The reality is that you can't be expected to plan for the days that you do not teach and the assistant head is dodging the issue (to put it politely) by viewing himself as a cover teacher.
    I hope you manage to sort something out!
  4. I think Rosiegirl is right on this - you need to clarify the details of your job-share before you make any decisions. The NUT produced a part time teacher's guide, which has some info about job sharing as an appendix. It doesn't give lots of information, but will be a starting point.
    I jobshare on an 3 day/ 2.5 day split (the extra 0.5 allows my job share partner & I to cover for each other's PPA) We have split the curriculum accordingly - I teach reading & grammar work on my days, as well as some foundation subjects. She does text level work and the remaining foundation subjects. For Maths, we have used the Framework blocks and shared out the objectives on a roughly 60/40 split.
    The one thing I would say is that we get no joint PPA for planning, and that is very difficult. If you can, get your HT to agree to a regular (half termly?) slot when you can both meet up to plan & assess.
    You might also want to think about what you will do if asked to swap days/work extra days when your jobshare is required to be out of the classroom for leadership tasks/courses.... Will you be able to arrange childcare, for example?
  5. Hi! Not alot of people are willing to listen. I don't know... I guess they should because we'd think they are good listeners... but you'd be surprised!!!

    Good luck!
  6. Thanks everyone for your replies. I have a meeting with the head teacher on Tuesday. Wish me luck.

    ROSIEGIRL Lead commenter

    Good luck!
    (Job shares can work well but <u>both</u> parties need to be committed and professional about it!)
    Hope it goes well.
  8. Ok so the points i have come up with for discussion are:
    (PLEASE tell me if I am digging myself a big hole!!!!)
    - firstly the assistant head saying he is like the cover teacher and I have whole class responsibility.
    -went part time because i have a young baby and alot of responsibility is going to fall on me if I am job sharing with the assistant head.
    -that it is year 4 which I have never taught so will have to put a lot of time into planning
    - i job share with another class teacher (another teacher is coming back from maternity in october who is going to be working part time).
    -or change year group to reception, year 1, year 2 or year 3 which i have taught and can fall back on my expereince and planning
    last resort........
    be honest and say that i will have to start looking for a new job in september???? (or is this rocking the boat???)
    arrrghhhh im just so not sure!!!!!
  9. Or that the Assistant Head must do half the work and you should also only be expected to do half with SHARED responsibility and no one in charge overall.
  10. Why not try if first before deciding it will be intolerable.
    Tell him, that isn't how a job share works, arrange a planning meeting with a clear agenda to decide how you will split the lesson responsibility, your styles of marking, behaviour approaches etc.
    cc the head teacher into all significant emails so you are clearly showing (and covering yourself) as to how you have tackled the situation.
    In terms of year 4? yes if you think it's awful you could leave, but your new school could bump you into year 6 at any point, that's always a risk .Tell yourself they are year 3 +2 months if it makes you feel better!

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