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Job security and commitment

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by cillia, May 27, 2018.

  1. cillia

    cillia New commenter

    Not long ago applied for a full time position through my agency mid March. I passed the interview pupil test micro teach etc however, the school then said to the agcy we'd like to employ just as agency for a while as they had had some bad luck previously filling the post. Could I start after the Easter Holiday? Several weeks away. Disappointed I stated that i would need a contract even for them just to give a week's notice as I was getting much supply teaching anyway. The agency said that is reasonable and would be fine, but however many times i asked the agency the school wouldn't supply anything in writing to that effect; so they can call me on the way home and tell me i'm fired any time. The agency said the school would trial me and if all was OK I would get a FT contract before half term. I relied that I would need that definitely so I could make plans as i was thinking of moving to a place and couldn't if i continued there as travel too far (it's 4 hours+ return trip). Towards the end of half term i sent my line manager and HOS a message to say we need meet and discuss if we are happy to continue so I can get the contract and security I need. We met and they stated they very much wanted to retain me. I said OK I'd need a contract forthwith so as to begin accruing holiday to go into semester break before September. They said they would take me on from when my contract finished at end of term. I told them I had no contract (although i asked for one) but just attended and worked on a daily basis. So they could offer me one right now. I have since asked my LM and HOS and they stated they're waiting for admin to fix timetabling then awaiting Deputy head to confirm staffing levels, then still waiting, waiting etc - I have asked my agency to pursue this and the school said they would confirm on several dates which have now passed. They are putting the agency off. During this time I have worked late quite a few days to a deadline on marking work that i never set or taught on, and I have been given responsibility to develop a new scheme of work for year 10's to go into end of term and deliver a lecture at 9:00am to the whole faculty across 2 year groups both of which I have to plan these throughout the half term to deliver on return, despite not being offered a contract and not being paid for half term.

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