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Job offer in Ras Al Khaimah help and advice needed! REPOST

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Sdave34, Mar 29, 2019.

  1. Sdave34

    Sdave34 New commenter

    Hi, my husband has received a job offer as head of Department at a school in Ras Al Khaimah. Unfortunately the offer was a lot lower than we expected 12000 p/m but we were told the cost of living is a lot cheaper than other areas in the ME so that is why? Can anyone confirm this is correct?

    We have a 7 month old baby who will 1 at the time of our move. I am also a secondary English teacher but not sure whether I will be working as we are not sure we want to leave our baby in care at such a young age.

    One of our main motivations is to work and save money so it would be lucrative for us both to be employed. (The school have offered to give me a job too)

    Here are the (many) dilemmas we face and any advice/help/answers will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Does the salary sound correct for a head of Department role? 7 years experience. And if not should it be negotiable?

    2. What are the nurseries like for young children? Also any information about nannies or hired help to look after babies? Are they reliable/safe?

    3. If I choose not to work, i have heard there is a lot of money to be made in tutoring. Is this correct? Also would I be able to do casual supply work? And could I get a job out there when we get there, possibly in January?

    4. What is the actual cost of living? Is it possible to save? And is it possible to live on one wage?

    5. Are we better off applying to other schools instead?

    6. Any general advice about which schools are the best to apply to. We are open to most of the ME.

    Sorry there are lots of questions but any help will be appreciated. We are not really sure whether to accept the job or what salary we should accept.

    Thank you!
  2. norwichred

    norwichred Occasional commenter

    Point 6 : We are moving to Kuwait in August with our 3 year old and 2 year old. Kuwait is not highly regarded on here and *** with possible good cause, but we are happy with our decision. The money is good, the accomodation so cheap as to be pretty much free, and the demand for staff is high (my partner got a job as an LSA in another school easily after I was appointed). We did a lot of research and people actually living out there were very positive.

    We know it's not the UAE, or Oman, but the idea is to acclimatise to being abroad, make some money and then look at the situation in two years.

    In terms of childcare, we may consider putting the three year old into nursery on one of our schools in January, but we want them to acclimatise first. We have already found a helpful friend out there who is speaking around her network to find us a maid so she is ready to go as soon as she arrives. Hiring a full time maid is cheaper that one day a week's childcare over here.....

    My advice is to network, network, network. There is always wonderful advice on here from people (I see you've already contacted a certain water based pachyderm - he is outstandingly helpful and he is a pretty good communicator too seeing he hasn't got opposable thumbs), but I would suggest talking to people on the ground out there to gain a true perspective. I made contact with someone on here via conversation, which progressed to email, she put me in touch with someone else, who put me in touch with someone else, and my partner got a job. Also, advice from the ground is so current and useful.

    And good luck!
  3. Sdave34

    Sdave34 New commenter

    Thank you for your advice! My aunty and uncle loved out in Kuwait a few years ago and I stayed out there with them for 2 months in the summer. They loved it. There was a lot to do and the schools were great. There was also a really open and friendly expat community. They stayed in Kuwait for 2 years and then moved on to Dubai which they hated! Hated enough for them to come back to the UK!

    Hadn’t really considered Kuwait as like you said it as not as popular as the other locations but will definitely discuss with my husband. We havnt really seen any vacancies for schools out there. Did you apply directly to the schools/through an agency? Any advice regarding this would be helpful!
    Thanks and good luck with the move. You’ll love Kuwait it’s a great place with great food too. It’s a ‘nicer, calmer’ version of Dubai!
  4. towncryer

    towncryer Lead commenter

    I started a conversation with you...check it out.
  5. Zimrilim

    Zimrilim New commenter

    @Sdave34, send me a message or join empowering expat teachers on Facebook. Quite a bit of info on RAKA there. To be honest that sounds low. I was on 13,500 as a classroom teacher and the other half of Zimrilim was on 1300 as a classroom teacher when we left in 2017 but it is true that RAK is cheaper than Dubai. Hope that helps.
  6. Mr_Frosty

    Mr_Frosty Established commenter

    12,000 a month seems to be the new normal for new teachers arriving across the UAE - if yiu have housing provided on top you should be fine and have enough for a nice social life and some savings (though maybe not if you hire a live in maid).

    As a comparison the MoE offer 21k a month in RAK but with no housing - a job my friend had for a couple of years. He was paying around 40K a year rent so ended up with just over 17k a month take home and he saved loads! But working in an MoE school... :eek:
  7. Sdave34

    Sdave34 New commenter

    Thank you. That’s interesting to know. I don’t have Facebook but I will send you a message. Thank you!
  8. Sdave34

    Sdave34 New commenter

    Thanks for the info, I think we were maybe a bit aspirational about what would be offered. What is the main issue with the MoE schools? Is it true you can be posted anywhere in Middle East?
  9. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    As I understand it, the MoE usually means the Ministry of Education in the UAE. Therefore they are not going to send you to Egypt of Saudi Arabia or Jordan or Israel.
    Sdave34 likes this.
  10. Mr_Frosty

    Mr_Frosty Established commenter

    I don't know the full story but my former colleague applied knowing the school would be in a 'northern Emirate' but wasn't told which one until he arrived at training (he was already in the country as his wife also had a good job here). He ended up in RAK but Sharjah, Dubai, Ajman were all also likely - though if I remember rightly he was told he wouldn't end up in Fujairah.

    I think here in Abu Dhabi the MoE jobs could be at any school within the Emirate but you don't find out until you arrive.
  11. Sdave34

    Sdave34 New commenter

    Having looked into it and done a lot of research I don’t think the moe schools are for us! We’d like something with a bit more structure...
    Mr_Frosty likes this.
  12. Mr_Frosty

    Mr_Frosty Established commenter

    Yeah I agree. They're not all as bad as they're made out to be but I'd rather avoid them if possible too.

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