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Job offer in Qatar

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by charmw, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. charmw

    charmw New commenter

    I have been offered a job in Doha, they are offering me 10,750QAR a month with an extra 750QAR for transport. I have also been offered a package of a 2 bed apartment in West Bay to myself, medical, flights, freight costs. I am 23 years old with 2 years teaching secondary,
    Could people let me know their opinion of this?
  2. Sounds like a great deal to me.

    But i have only just started looking at Qatar.

    Would this be the school that starts like Mc Donalds?
  3. charmw

    charmw New commenter

    It's a school that has a mother school in England. Very pleasant interview with them, they've been very honest about what they expect of their staff and how different life can be living in Qatar, I really appreciated their honesty.
  4. ramsaybairn

    ramsaybairn New commenter

    Hello there,
    That's a decent package for a young nipper like you out here and West Bay is lovely. Just remember that this is not like England. We love it out here however. Hope this helps.
  5. charmw

    charmw New commenter

    Thank you ramsaybairn. I am just in the process of weighing up the pros and cons!
  6. without knowing your personal status... what the hell is there to think about?

    Outstanding saving potential and living in a city which isn't as bad as people think - you make of it what you want. Since I moved here in October been to many sports events, trips to Dubai and off to Bali for the Feb holidays + sent back £6k to the UK. Ok there's things that really **** you off, but haven't woke up yet and dreaded going to work.... unlike the UK.

    At 23 that offer is very good and west bay is a very nice area.

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