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Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by MissHoney232, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    So late last night I got a phone call from a school asking me to attend interview. The lesson is to be no longer than 30 mins, ''a warm up activity then literacy task", with half a class of year 1s with a widdeee range of ability. -Has to be on traditional tales

    So... my idea.
    L.O. I can use adjectives to describe a character

    Talk about different fairy tale characters - goldilocks, the wolf, ugly step sisters and cinderella.

    Look at sheet of adjectives I have made and describe if we could decribe any of the characters using those words- use talking partners

    Then send HA with a sheet on the wolf- they are to think of some adjectives and put them in sentences describing the wolf. High-mid ability have goldilocks, they are to write sentences also but will have prompts of some words scattered on table- to help with spelling,etc.

    Mid- low, have a picture of the ugly stepsisters, they are just to write words around the picture- they will also have words scattered around table.

    I will work with Low ability, thinking of adjectives to write around picture of Goldilocks.

    What does everyone think? Sound like a good lesson? and would the timing be enough? - I could do 5-10 mins on carpet, then 15 mins on seats writing and 5 mins at end to share some words as plenary?

    Any constructive criticism is appreciated?!

  2. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Just a little warning about putting too much detail on a public forum, just in case someone else sees it, copies it and lands up <u>at the same interview</u>! Has been known.
    Re. lesson. lesson objective most important as it provides your focus. So tick!
    Problem I could foresee, is that children might not have read the particular fairy tales you want to use-possibly unlikely but you will need to be prepared for worst casr scenario. Suppose for example mid/low group haven't yet read Cinderella? Have a back up plan!
    Timings of 5-10 / <u>15</u> / 5 might, in my opinion be stretching it, with year 1s-those with an adult might cope but those without will probably struggle to keep focussed. (Please note, although I have taught KS1 in the past, am really a KS2 specialist, so just a personal opinion).

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