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Job Interview. Help Please :)

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by KELLYELIZABETH, Dec 19, 2015.


    KELLYELIZABETH New commenter

    Hi everyone,

    I really need some help and ideas. I am currently working in a preschool with children aged 3-5. I have an interview for a Level 3 TA within a school after Christmas. Got the letter yesterday.

    It looks as though I am going to be put through the ringer.

    I have to devise an activity for the morning, based on a sound box using every day objects. I am thinking pots and pans for drums, bottle shakers etc. What else could I put in it and how could I keep the children entertained for so long doing this??

    If I pass the activity on the morning, I then have to sit an interview on the afternoon in front of the head teacher and school governors. I have an idea of the types of questions that they will ask me, but then I have to do a written test. What's the written test about?

    Any help and ideas would be awesome. Thank you :)
  2. craftyangel49

    craftyangel49 New commenter


    Your idea sounds good. I would include filling bottles with different things and getting the chdn to guess what it is based on the sound it makes. i.e. rice, pasta, buttons etc...

    How long have you got for the activity?

    For the interview you will always get a question about safeguarding so have an example up your sleeve for when you've had to deal with a safeguarding issue if you have one. They will also ask you about behaviour management, as a TA you follow the teacher and their policy as well as the school's.. Make sure you talk about working as a team when it comes to dealing with behaviour. You might get asked something about how you would build relationships with the children and most likely something about promoting children's wellbeing.

    The written test, no idea! My last interview I was told I would be asked to do a data input exercise which apparently they left out!

    I've recently been through the rigour of teacher interviews and did lots of googling for teaching job interview questions and answers which really helped!!

    Good luck!

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