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Job interview for the permanent position which I currently hold on a temporary basis!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by pinksam75, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. hi mbc11,If your classrooms have IWBs and the teachers have laptops, the possibilities for using ICT to raise standards are huge! I am sure you'll get lots of suggestions, but these are a few ways I have used successfully...
    • Use a digital camera, to take close up photos of the children's independent work as the are working. Immediatley upload to your IWB to use in the plenary or the next lesson starter to move learning on. Display say the paragraph of writing on the board, use the pen tool to highlight whatever features you were looking for in your lesson objective, discuss how to improve or uplevel it, and involve the children in self and peer assements of the work. Always remember to ask the child if they would like to have their work displayed first and keep self esteem high:) Although it sounds like it might be fiddly? It really is quick when you've done it once or twice?
    • There are soooooooo many video clips, games, and websites that have engaging and interactive pages and activities for practically anything you want to teach. Use a search engine to find some short fun activties and use to 'chunk' up your lesson and keep everyone focused. This will provide the 'hook' that you can refer back to and recap facts, concepts and learning points. Bit like having a brain break but still learning!
    • Use the IWB and camera to display video clips of children working, acheiving and speaking about what they have learnt. Video clips can be added really easily into ppt and promethean software, and the kids really love seeing themselves and each other up on the big screen and star as part of the lesson. Again use short snappy clips in your pleanaries are starters and use your questioning to get out of the clip what you need the children to understand.
    • I love using the spotlight tool on the promethean tooklit which allows you to show and reveal just a selected area like a torch beam. Use this to display small sections of a picture or photo to do with what you are learning. Make the spotlight small to begin which will engourage careful looking and increase slowly. An example would be eg Hide portrait of Henry VIII, move spotlight around and to reveal bits (the kids love this excitiment of guessing what /who it is). Record what they know on sentence strips, post its speech bubbles and add to a display or working wall eg He wore lavish and elaborate clothing. Ask children to share what they can see, their ideas, and questions for their own learning? Refer back to them during future lessons and find out the answers together during your topic or as homework. This really helps children interact, think and consider what they already know and what they would like to find out more about it as part of their learning. It's allowing them to also contribute to their learning journey within a topic too.
    • Raising standards also links importantly with attendance. Use your IWB to promote good attendance in your class by ending the week with a 100% attendance slideshow. On each slide add one childs name. When it is displayed and pops up all children can clap and the child can say something about school they have learnt or really enjoyed that week. The children love to take part and see there name up 'in flashing lights' or however you want to do it. Can whizz through a whole class in a couple of mins. Link to rewards or golden time when the whole class has 100%. As they of course learn more when they are in school, addressing attendance is important in rasing whole school standards and can be improved quite easily.
    There really are so may ideas, this should be a fairly easy part of your job application so don't worry...I'm sure there be ideas on here to help. Fingers crossed for you and good luck :) Sam

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  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    All good ideas above, but don't just talk about actual use in lessons. Think also about how you use computers for tracking progress, monitoring attainment, planning and other such things.
  3. I absolutley agree minnieminx, I'd be lost without being able to have Target tracker as a tool now :) ...once you get the hang of it!!
    No, the only reason I gave those sort of ideas was of the first post had mentioned the classroom environment. To strengthen your application further though, certainly show an understanding of whole school issues for raising standards not those just within your class :)
    Good luck x
  4. Thanks for all the help so far :)
  5. And remember that ICT does not just refer to use of computers - use of cameras, audio equipment, media etc.[​IMG]

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