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Job in Fahaheel, Kuwait

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by whitenite, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Just give Kuwait and Fahaheel a miss, just read the other thread with regard to the situation there.

    If you are just finishing your PGCE then you still need to do your NQT year.

    Also are you going to Kuwait as a single mother? You may have to pay school fees or child care from your own pocket together with flights.

    There are better places to work in the world.
  2. The people who have problems here seem to be NQT's and if you have a child, you don't say how old, you probably can't make up for the disadvantages of Kuwait by painting the town red in the evenings. I believe other schools give a bigger discount on school fees, and I think this one even charges you for having your kid with you in your flat. There are better schools in Kuwait.
  3. My son is 12. I have been told that I would have to pay for him being in the accommodation and for his school fees. I'm okay with that. I'm worried about what I've read about the state of the accommodation and the harassment that some women face. I don?t care about going out at night because I?d rather be at home with my son.
  4. From what I've heard, the accommodation is shabby and in a very run-down area. But I don't think the place is as dangerous as all that. If you join the Hilton, which is a bit expensive, you can go and swim there or use the gym and that's what lots of other people do, and it's perfectly civilised.
  5. I certainly can't speak for everyone but I have been out to Kuwait on a number of occasions and I have always felt extremely comfortable when out on my own (even in the evenings). I have read some troubling accounts from other people re accomodation at this school but I also spoke to someone currently working happily there, as a single female. Maybe you would be happy, maybe you would have similar difficulties but it's a risk you take if you decide to go for it I guess.

    You would do well to get advice from others at that school by asking for current teacher's e mails to get a feel for how content they currently are. They shouldn't shy away from giving you that info. However, as Whitenite said, there are also plenty of other amazing places to go. Don't know how helpful that is to you but i'm also going out there to work in August so if you have any questions (that I can answer!) feel free.
  6. Mermaid,

    Is it expensive to join the Hilton?? II would be very keen to join a gym but am a bit reluctant to start spending before I start saving!

    Many thanks
  7. The school I am at now would offer you free accommodation for you and your son. A 2/3 bedroom flat or a living out allowance.

    99% free school place worth around 15k euros.

    After 2 years the school pays for your childs flights.

    Not many WESTERN women get attacked but you will have to put up with a lot of hassel from Arab men. Even if you are a western man you get a lot of hassel from Arab men.

  8. tica

    tica New commenter

    In answer to your question Anderson, for a single person the Hilton costs about 1500 GBP a year! Yes I'd call that expensive. Also depending on where you live it is pretty far out. There are more centrally located alternatives SAS and The Palms but they are all similarly priced.
  9. Thanks very much Tica!
  10. Anderson,
    If, as I think I have read, you are going to NES, and taking staff accom. then you will be in Sabah Al Salem. SAS and Palms are closer to here but as said expensive.
  11. Bloody hell. Your kid is 12, the school expect you to pay fees and for his accommodation. Bet your flights and medical care aren't looked after either. I'm trying to find the right words here. Oh. yes, got it. What a sh1t, sh1t school you are thinking of working at (slaving/prostituting/belittling yourself for).

    Don't do it. If you have any self respect, don't do it.

    AndersonK is off to Jabriya to a well established Behemoth of a school - The school you are applying to was considered to be a pile of sh1t 15 years ago. Looks like little has changed.
  12. ...in fact ac229, accept my apologies if I'm wrong but your post is bordering on being a wind up...my son is 10 and I wouldn't/couldn't put him through that.
  13. My son wants to go.He is bright, independent, adventurous and curious about other cultures. Being a teacher you should have noticed that not all children are the same. I guess my son is different to your child and will react differently to this challenge. I don?t think taking him abroad to experience different ways of life is a bad thing and he is old enough to express his own opinion.
  14. Phoneypharaoh,
    I didn't go into teaching for the money. For a school to get better it has to have teachers that are brave enough to help it improve. I just wanted to know about the accommodation and safety. I've read good things about the principle and I will ask him about the teaching.I will get the email addresses of present staff and find out about their views too. I thank you for giving me your opinion.
  15. PP is correct. Please for your own sake and that of your child, look elsewhere. The school in question is a poor poor school and all the 'professional' teachers in the world wont change it. The PRINCIPAL is a puppet.
  16. norl321

    Thank you for your advice, it's much appreciated.


    To be honest, I believe PP is a very experienced teacher and has also spent time in Kuwait. I have received good advice from him in the past. Whilst I think alot of Kuwait, I know very little about this school and so would recommend taking on board the comments of those who have posted their opinions on this thread...they are well intended.

    I wish you and your son the very best whatever your decision.
  17. Ac229,

    My son lives in Egypt, speaks Arabic and has friends from many nationalities. He says that he would much prefer to stay here than go back to England. Sorry, if I was ranting but I truly think you would be mistaken to take this post - as I said this school has had a pretty dodgy rep for a long time. You are not going to change that.

    Your son will not experience a culture in Kuwait as there isn't one (ex-pat booze culture, which was great I have to admit).

    Medical care, flights, accommodation and free education for your boy are not money issues - they are bare essentials and you are not getting them. You are selling yourself short.
  18. AC229

    I have to wonder about your sanity with regards to tacking the job in Fahaheel, did you not read the other thread with a very similar title to yours.

    The school in questions employed an inexperienced NQT Secondary as a Reception Class teacher.
    The school in question had its teachers working on tourist visa?s because it could not or would not issue work visa?s.
    The school in question did not provide good accommodation.
    The school in question did not give support to a teacher in distress when stalked.
    The school in question did not give support when a teacher was threatened by a parent with a travel ban and court action.

    It is a lot harder doing a ?RUNNER? when you have a child to consider. What happened to the other teacher could happen to you!

    There are maybe 1 or 2 schools in Kuwait you can have some semblance of a normal teaching life (aslong as you keep your ?ASS? in the air), but not the ones in Fahaheel. You are better finishing your NQT year and then looking for a better school and country to work in. Until you do your NQT year you are not a ?FULLY Qualified Teacher?, some schools will hold this against you in various ways. They will give you the unpopular options to teach (ME History, Geography, PHSE) within the school because, ?You need the experience? or they will make you feel grateful to the school for giving you as an ?Un Qualified Teacher? a job.

    This is true of other countires and schools, not just Kuwait.

    Get tough and find yourself a better package and place to work!
  19. Living in areas close to Fahaheel would probably be better for you.. Fintas, Mahboula, Abu Halifa. As a woman - alone - I definately would NEVER EVER think of living in Fahaheel on my own. It's not that it's dangerous.. but you may infact be one of the only 'white' people living there.
    The areas above are more westernised.. you even have applebees, Baskin Robbins, pizzahut and a cute mall close by.

    Which school is it?
  20. ...assuming, of course, that ac229 is white!

    I'm sure your point has ben taken, though.

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