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Job hunting in Northern Ireland

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by doubtfuljoy, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. doubtfuljoy

    doubtfuljoy New commenter

    I am a primary school teacher who qualified and subsequently worked in Scotland for three years. I have recently moved home, and in the past two months applied for 8 teaching posts which have popped up, as well as being on the substitute register. However, I have only received rejections and am getting no supply work at all.

    Is there anyone here familiar with the education system in NI who could explain better how it all works over here? Thank you.
  2. JIM07

    JIM07 New commenter

    Hi! You are not alone... I am in the same position. Was teaching in England for couple years and have found it very difficult to get work since I’ve been back. I applied for any jobs that were going there recently.. only heard back from one which said they had enhanced the criteria. It’s soul destroying...supply work is dead too. I’ve been round with cv etc but not getting anywhere fast. I was on a course last week and it’s really who you know in schools- one girl told me she got her temp role as she knows the principal. How did you find teaching in Scotland?
  3. JIM07

    JIM07 New commenter

    Any other Northern Irish teachers out there who are finding it tough??
  4. SelectMyTutor

    SelectMyTutor New commenter

    You can find out jobs in the teaching field from many sources, just like online job sites or from consultants. You can join any social group where peoples post job requirement.
  5. ViciousChicken

    ViciousChicken New commenter

    Anecdotally speaking, I think the thing back home is that teachers tend to stay in the same job for decades and there's a lot of nepotism. My primary school (I attended from late 80s to mid 90s) has 5 teachers, 2 of them taught me 30 years ago and the other 3 are girls who attended the school around the same time as me. My secondary school has loads of the same old bods who taught me in the 90s and most of the 'new' teachers are past pupils. My dad has just retired from the secondary where he taught for 30 years, replaced by a former pupil.
    I appreciate it is likely to be a different story in Belfast, Derry etc but certainly seems to be the case in rural areas.
  6. How did you find teaching in Scotland?? I am currently teaching in England and find it terrible dealing with the pressure of perfection and the workload. Is it any better there?

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