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Job Fairs

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Po-Face, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. I haven't bothered signing up to any of the agencys or job fairs this year. I have previously always managed to secure a decent job through TES [​IMG] Perhaps I am taking a risk, only time will tell. However, for next time I would like to know your views on whether job fairs are really worth all that hassle? The Search agency asks for SO many references, from parents too which can be a big inconvience. I know that the parents of my last school are very busy people and I didnt particularly want to bother them. The job fairs are also very expensive to go to and one has to ask for a day or two off work. This year, when I researched many of the schools going to Search & CIS there were either no jobs in my subject area or the schools had awful reviews. Is it really worth it?
    I have also heard negative things about the fairs from my previous two school Directors. Often hearing that the candidates weren't up to scratch, that it wasn't worth the money. This year in Bangkok I hear there are <font size="2">100 fewer candidates than last year, and the second fair isn't shaping up too well in terms of numbers of candidates. Anyway, I am still considering signing up for the later fair if I don't have a job by then. However, my view at present is that they are just overpriced and bit too hyped up. What are your opinions? </font>
  2. Nezelette

    Nezelette New commenter

    Finally some good news [​IMG]
    I'll tell you more once I have attended my first fair in London. There's another thread going at the momentw ith general fair news, it might be worth looking at.
    So far, I have found Search Associates extremely helpful. I chose not to ask a reference from a parent (you can opt for four supervisors and no parents). Their services are not limited to fairs and I think joining them was worth it (free for UK candidates, mind you).

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