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job exchange france / germany ...or wherever....?

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by kreid1945, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. I work teaching German and french in a High School in Scotland. I want to take my family abroad for a year , probably to France, to improve my French and enable the whole family to learn French and a different way of life. germany would be fine too but I already speak german pretty fluently and wouldn't be so beneficial to me personally, though I'd go back to germany like a shot!
    What would seem to be a good solution would be a job swap for a year but I can find little to help me online. What would you suggest? I could work for a charitable organisation and recieve less pay, but it would have to be Europe really, and I speak little or no Spanish /Italian so French or german speaking countries would suit best. Scandinavia would be great too, I speak a mix of swedish / norwegian. Maybe some members have worked a year abroad / job swap and might have some starters for us. many thanks in advance, Keith.

  2. hi! if it's not too late, I'm interested!!!!! I teach English in France, and I have the same plan as you do! please e-mail me:

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