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Job description / UPS 3

Discussion in 'Primary' started by harchie, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. nomad

    nomad Star commenter

    When it has been commissioned by local authorities?
    It does not supplant the STPCD, since the STPCD does not write, provide or promote job descriptions. Neither do the TDA in their Professional Standards for Post-Threshold Teachers http://www.tda.gov.uk/upload/resources/pdf/s/standards_postthreshold.pdf
    And the school which writes or adopts it. It depends on how the HT and governors interpret the STPCD and the Standards, for example: Contribute significantly, where appropriate, to implementing workplace policies and practice and to promoting collective responsibility for their implementation. That paragraph in itself could be interpreted as leadership of a subject or aspect.
  2. i am so disappointed with this response.
    As a teacher of 20 years experience - i still have the same enthusiasm and passion for teaching that i had when i started.
    I am not Lazy , i am not a jobsworth, and i do take responsibility. and i do CARE!
    However I refuse to be walked on by bullying headteachers, i refuse to be delegated their perfornance targets, i refuse to be accountable for their policies and i refuse to take on duties that take me away from my primary objective - teaching children.
    I if we want to get into sweeping statements and generalisations then I suggest " archiebald" puts down their knitting, throw away their copy of the daily mail and consider the situation of other colleagues in other schools.

  3. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    if an LA wishes to adopt such a JD, that doesn't give it any more standing.
    and there is a good reason, namely that the Threshold pay level is not a job and does not require a job description, that is provided by the Professional Standards (C+P).
    ..similarly to LAs, these bodies can not impose any employment practice which contravenes the STPCD.
    I think the key words you are choosing to misinterpret there are 'contribute', 'implementing' and 'promoting', all of which are expected of all teachers, none of which are particularly characteristic of leadership.
  4. The devils advocate touches the raw nerve of Harchie!!!
    Harchie. Are you not in areement that your twenty years of experience puts you in a stroner position to lead, mentor and coach those "fledglings" within the school. I am very proud of my profession and feel your attitude, i.e "I'm not doing that bcause I don't get paid for it"a very damaging one. I am a headteacher (quite a young one), still a member of the NUT and ot here to headship because I worked and was committed beyond my written job description. As I will be this weekend taking teams to lay soccer. I am not PE co-ordinator, extended schools co-ordinator, it is not in my job description, I get paid no more for doing it. But I love it and so do the girls and boys that do it. And by the way I like knitting too!!!!
    The use of the phrase "1265 hours " is one only heard since the process of workforce reform. It goes hand in hand with the 24/25 tasks that teachers don't want to do anymore, even if that decision leads to huge impracticalities in the running of the school. As with the UPS responsibilities these tasks are also open to interpretation. My staff collect money, do photocopying, put up displays and accept responsibility with the title of UPS. The UPS 3's take responsibility over the 1's. The 1's over the mainscale staff. That makes sense. Pushing employment law and union guidelines to their limits holds back school development and hence pupil proression. I don't know about you Harchie.....but that's why I wanted this job in the first place......not to make money and not to display a bitter and twisted attitude to those who are less selfish.
    I suggest you try the police force. I think you'd be good.
  5. You decided to be a head teacher - I decided to be a teacher.
    I think it is very condescending to call nqts " fledglings" and I feel the reslationship between all teachers to be a partnership. I learn from them - they learn from me.

    We can't all be teachers in MissReads village school! I expect you still put school milk on the radiators for the children!

    I was in the unfortunate position to be in a school that went into special measures- despite being graded as being an outstanding teacher by hmi.
    We failed in leadership and management - the slt had delegated all responsibilities and taken their eye of the ball. They lacked vision and leadership and as a result - every teacher was penalised and made to feel like failures. After spending 2 years in special measures I am trying to claw back my professionalism and my entitlement.

    My union supports me. My union has fought for my rights. I am a teacher.
    Why are you in a union?

    I am taking children on aschool camp over half term, I run 3 clubs- I have organised theatre trips this term.

    Why - because I want to.

    I don't feel it's my duty - but under my previous head it became an expectation.
    Good will costs nothing but it's reciprocal.

    Maybe a career in the police force might be advisable! I have been told I look good in a uniform.

    What's your alternate career- new secretary of state for education when the Tories get back in.
    I have heard they want to bring back fox hunting too- tally ho! Leader of the pack.
  6. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    I'm afraid the rot goes back much further than that Archie, back to the days of the hated Thatcher and Baker. That was when teachers realised their professionalism was not valued - yes, we were professional back then, even without a GTC to tell us we are, when we pay for it. The goodwill contract has never been remade.
    Government(s) developed the National Curriculum, OFSTED and League Tables to control and impose their will on teachers and local authorities which dared to differ or oppose, firm in their self-righteous conviction. 1265 hours and the 21 tasks (you need to take a quick look into the STPCD again) are a result of that background and the resolute refusal to meet teachers' legitimate demand for fairer pay over the same period: They refused to give us more money (I guess that was needed to fuel cheap mortgages and keep bankers happy) so they tried to fob us off with ineffective sops such as these artificial limits on our grotesque working hours, which, by your own admission, are widely disregarded, partly because in many schools they simply make no sense.
  7. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    Then let us hope -for their sake - that some of the teachers in your school acquaint themselves with the STPCD and in particular paragraphs 12 and 13 of the guidance which make it quite clear that you are failing in your contractual duty by even allowing such archaic practices, let alone requiring them:
    Of course, you may not care for the letter of either the law or contract - but you may find one day that you come across a lawyer who does. Might I suggest that you too take a look at the pay and conditions document which details the contract between your staff and your governing body, and that you advise them in due haste that they are also failing in their duty to ensure that you carry out your responsibilities effectively.
    Or perhaps you think your penny-pinching overrides all of those things?
  8. My staff do those tasks because it's practical.
    My school is a large priamary(500 plus)
    I teach 1 day a week because I choose to.
    I take no dedicated haedship time or PPA myself. (cumbersome/inhibiting)
    I suggest all you newbies are careful.
    You can make life difficult for your leadership team, (see OP) But they can make it more difficult for you.
    I am in the NUT because I am a headTEACHER, the clue is in the title. They also advise me on how the STPCD UPS responsibilities can be interpreted. They are ambiguous. So try to see them from your heads point of view.
    I take great care in employing and developing staff who are prepared to apply their professionalism in a practical/ sensible way. Others.......I sideline. We're good at that, Headteachers.
    Let me know how you get on.

  9. i don't think you did yourself any favours with this post - Archiebald

  10. <u>They also advise me on how the STPCD UPS responsibilities can be interpreted. </u>
    <u>They are ambiguous. </u>
    several dictators from history justified their actions by their own interpretation
    <u>So try to see them from your heads point of view.</u>
    surely it should be the opposite.
    and heads choose to be leaders and they are rewarded handsomely for their choice.
  11. <u>The devils advocate touches the raw nerve of Harchie!!!</u>

    no need for the word advocate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( i can use more !)

  12. last one
    Posted by: Archiebald 20/10/2009 at <font color="#00a560">08:35</font>
    nice to see you had time to post before school starts
    not collecting money or photocopying then?
    tee hee

  13. Your posts obviously all are given during opening hours Harchie!
    Would you swap your job descriptions for my new staffing structure?
    I also have UPS job descriptions which are accepted, even constructed by the staff that undertake them. You are welcome to them.
    We have run out of arguments here.
    I need to plan tomorrows lesson in which I am covering for one of my Y5 teachers who wishes to have the morning off to see her 5 year old daughter in her first class assembly. How could I refuse to cover? But of course you would say that I should not cover as it's against union regs to do so too often.
    I also hope that the teachers organising the class assembly aren't like you, because they would probably pull rank and refuse to deliver such assemblies as not being in their job description.
    By covering for such events I find that teachers give back.
    The more I give the more I receive in return. Things like, putting up displays, collecting money, doing photocopying. If they are late I cover. I'll even do their photocopying for them.
    For schools to run on diminishing budgets it is sometimes necessary for all to pull together, whatever their job description.
    I'll keep my staff happy. I'll keep my staff.
    I am so pleased that I no longer have people like you. there is no place for negativity in a thriving rigourous school.
  14. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    I also work in a large primary school - considerably larger than your 500.
    I happen to work for a Head who believes that the best teaching comes from professional staff who are given the time and space to plan, prepare and deliver that teaching, rather than wasting time on tasks which could far more usefully be carried out by a member of admin or support staff.

    In return, he has a highly professional staff who are more than willing to put in considerable extra time and effort - in preparing and delivering excellent teaching and learning.

    Of course, you might think that a good contribution towards a school is being willing to collect the dinner money. Sadly for you, none of the national bodies, including DCSF, Ofsted, QCA, the unions, etc. agree with you.

    So, while you may consider that there is no place for "people like us", all the documentation and legal contracts make it quite clear that there is no room for "leaders" like you.

    I would be interested to see your Ofsted report, incidentally, but I suspect you'd be far from willing to share your identity given your knowledge that you break so many of the rules set down in legal documents.
  15. i take assemblies.
    because i want to - not because i am told to.
    obviously not the ones you have sidelined!

    oh and i dont drink
    but if i worked in a school like yours - i probly would
    happy half term
    ( if you arent too busy counting the money you collected)

  16. When you say 'jobsworths', you are obviously referring to knowledgable teachers who know what can and cannot be expected of them and who are not afraid to say no the HT. Strangely enough, these teachers can also be 'enthusiastic teachers of children'.
    Your staff must admire your leadership style so much, as you don't seem in the slightest bit arrogant or condescending and it must be so assuring for them to know that you'd never abuse your position as a leader.
    Probably not as much fun as being a thorn in the side of a HT who expects you to just 'play along as best you can'.

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