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Job description for TA`s

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by fridayschild, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. After all the TA`s in our school being recently levelled as level 2, regardless of qualifications, experience and skills, we have now been asked to contribute to writing job descriptions for level 2 and level 3 TA`s - really interested to see if and how job descriptions vary - also keen to find out if anyone else agrees/disagrees that there should be a different job description for EYFS TA`s - you would think that the job descriptions come before the levelling ! but there you go - appreciate any comments.

  2. Do you mean that some of you were level 3 and are now being told by your school that you are now a level 2 and will be asked to take a pay cut?
    I don't know if this is true but our head says that Early Years TAs have to have a minimum NVQ level 3 and at our school are level 3 TAs.
  3. Hi, thanks for reply.
    Regarding the levels, prior to the new job evaluatuion and newly created job families, none of the TA`s had a level as such; working in foundation,I have NVQ level 3, my colleague is a level 2 and another TA in KS1 is a HLTA and many of our TA`s are very experienced and have excellent skills and knowledge, just not the qualification - it is only since the introduction of the job family that our SMT decided all TA`s would "best fit" into the description of a level 2 - it is this that has caused outrage as many of the TA`s demonstrate all the attributes required of level 3 and even some of level 4 ! Apart from the nursery nurses, no-one else has had to take a pay cut as most of us fell within the payscale for the new level 2 despite working at a much higher level - a win-win situation for the school. There was a very complex appeal procedure put in place by the County Council in which they let you "choose" one of their pre determined grounds for appeal, the one you could not appeal against was your level that the SMT previously decided upon!
    To add insult to injury, we are now being asked to "contribute" to writing level 2 and 3 job descriptions, hence my request for any that are out there, also our SMT refuse to acknowledge that EYFS is different to any other area in the school, anyone who has worked in a school could figure that one out ! Despite being involved in creating the new job descriptions, it will come as no surprise that even if any of us can demonstrate that our skills knowledge, experience and qualifications match a level 3 job description, we will not be moved to a level 3, as our HT put it "there simply are no level 3 jobs in this school" !!!!!
    In terms of EYFS, it does seem to vary from school to school, very frustrating, I do know that from 2015, level 3 will be compulsory , we might even get a Job description to go with it !
    Still looking for any TA job descriptions for EYFS, KS1 and 2 if anyone can help .


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