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job contract

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by rosebush, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. hello
    i have recently received my contract via e-mail for a teacher's post in doha. during the interview i was told my salary would be 13000 qr p/m and the school will provide accomadation and annual ticket to uk. now the contract has come through it states that my basic salary as 7000 qr, 5500 qr allowances, 500 travel giving a total of 13000 qr. i am assuming when they say 5500 qr allowances... are they referring to thing like utility/medical etc? i am really confused shouldn't they have made this basic salary stuff clear during the interview....personaly to me basic salary of 7000 qr is an insult as i have 10+ experience of teaching in uk and i was given a subject responsibilty with this job. am i right in thinking this isn't right or do you think i should go for it? i honestly thought 13000 qr is my salary and they would pay for the utility. can you please tell me what i should do next...i really had my heart set on going to doha.
  2. during the interview they did not say this 13000 qr is inclusive of all the allowances...i only noticed this when i saw the break down on the contract...as it's my first time i don't really know this is what actuaaly happens with everyone!
  3. This school wouldn't by any chance be linked to a petroleum company would it? They seem to be playing a few games with salaries and accomodation from what I have heard.
  4. no it's not linked to QP...it's another school in doha....this has really been playing on my mind!!
  5. i wish schools would just be straight forward....and clarify thisngs during the interview...it just becomes difficult for both parties!!
  6. towncryer

    towncryer Lead commenter

    It's not unusual for schools to break down your salary in this way.Don't know why really...probably an accounting thing.Don't worry too much about the breakdown....if they have said you will get 13000 that is what you will get on your payslip.If it;s your first job abroad it can be a bit stressful understanding the salary package but,in my experience you usually get what you were promised despite the way it's broken down....oh,,and the full amount is usually quoted if you need proof of your salary for anything financial.Don't worry too much about it.
  7. towncryer - thanks

    if you already experienced living in doha could u please tell me how much would i expect to spend on the utility eg; A/C, elec., gas, telephone, food, petrol etc per month. thanks
  8. hi rosebush
    is this by any chance for al-maha in doha?
  9. towncryer

    towncryer Lead commenter

    I'm in ME but not Doha so can't advise you there.Your school pay accommodation....does that include utilities?Check with them.

    I've just been looking at my payslips and they're divided in basic salary and experience allowance and,as I said,it all comes to the full amount at the bottom of the slip.

    You seemed to think that you have to pay for medical etc from your salary...this isn't usual...you need to confirm with your school.In all schools I have worked in,not just ME,medical costs are normally taken care of by the school.

    It's quite normal to panic when you get your contract and worry that perhaps you are not getting what you were promised at interview.Also you might have forgotton to ask about things that most schools take for granted that they will pay such as medical insurance,utilites etc. Any doubts...email the school.I know quite a few mails went back and forth between me and my present school before I signed the contract.
  10. thanks for that towncryer - my husband and I have just accepted jobs in Doha and have emailed the school already clarifying some of the terms - it can't hurt to be extra careful and I was told not to sign unless I was 100% happy with the contract
  11. towncryer

    towncryer Lead commenter

    Always best to be sure,madabout scrubs.Schools shouldn't mind clarifying things if they've got nothing to hide.
  12. hi madaboutscrub
    yes it is for al-maha, did you get a similar contract, please explain what your contract was like....it's my very first time so i am really stressing about it!!

    thank you for the lovely advise towncryer...thank you so much!
  13. hi rosebush
    mine is exactly the same as yours. However, I did go through the sample contract thoroughly and emailed the school with any questions I had. I would recommend you do the same as they were able to clarify the issues I had. I'm pretty certain they pay the utilities.
  14. I was wrong, turns out they don't pay utility bills for some reason.

  15. Most schools won't pay utilities, unless they own/rent the whole building.

    You need to keep in mind that the power bill can be huge if you have your A/C running all the time. Water isn't too expensive.
  16. what next....do we negotiate on the package/salary....i understand from speaking to some people that utility can be pretty expensive...where are we saving than??
  17. Hi ALE,
    Any idea what utilities would cost on average a month?

    What have you been told about the healthcare?
  18. Hi madabout,

    Can't tell you about Qatar as I was in a school block, so didn't have to pay.

    However, in the UAE, last year, it was average 1500Dhs PM if the A/C was used most of the time. The exchange is almost the same.

    The cost of keeping your place cool will depend on the size of it. The smaller the better. It also depends on how much you need it. I only ever had mine on a couple of times. My dearest power bill was 100Dhs.

    You'll still make money out there. I'm sure heating a home here in the UK is much more expensive than A/C there, but you still need to factor it in.

    You will have to make sure that you see the actual bills and don't take the school's word for it.
  19. Thanks for that information. Hopefully everything will be okay and will definitely follow your advice of asking to see the bills.
  20. post 17: nothing has been said about the healthcare/medical provision....it will be worth quering for that.

    madaboutscrub: are you happy with your contract and are you going for it?
    i just seem to be really very confused.

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