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Job change????? I need advice!!!!

Discussion in 'Professional development' started by magic_minx, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Hi all, I am teaching at a lovely prep school as a Reception Teacher. I adore my job, the children & the school but this is my 4th year & this was the 1 st position I took when I qualified. I am feeling the pressure that in terms of my career I should move onto pastures new? Should I? Is it bad to stay in 1 place for another year? I have Got an interview for next week but I have not confirmed......yet! I am about to get married this year & I an worried that if I don't move schools now it will be harder to get a job when I become a Mrs? Is this true? My headalready commented that once you will be married it will be babies next?! I am just unsure of what to do & would really like some advice, mainly because I am happy & would hate to leave & be unhappy? However-I don't know what other schools are like? As you can tell I'm confused! Please advise!
  2. Looking at the date of your original post, I am assuming that you either (a) declined the job interview or (b) went along to the job interview and ...
    There are no rules written or unwritten about when a teacher should move on to another job. Why should you? If you enjoy what you do where you are doing it then why should you think that a move would be the right thing for you. As my mum would say ... you could be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire!
    As for being less employable if you are a "Mrs" rather than a "Miss", I think that is ludicrous! Does your headteacher live in the dark ages where only married women have babies?
    I'd love to know what happened with this job interview. I hope you didn't go for it and that you stay where you are, loving your job.
  3. if you are happy in your existing school then I would stick with it as you might find a new school throws all sorts of unpleasantness at you and a happy worklife should not be thrown away. It may be worth talking to the head about your thoughts and desire for promotion as if he/ she values you they make create a job for as it is in their interest to hold on to a good teacher than employ an unknown. I have been in my current post for 12 yrs and have managed several times to get internal propmotion as ave a number of other colleagues around me. I have also had two children whilst at the school and that has not counted against me

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