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Job application - References

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Elboxi, Mar 27, 2019.

  1. Juan_Marcos_Leotta

    Juan_Marcos_Leotta New commenter

    Hi everyone,
    I recently applied to a position overseas and provided two references as part of the application.
    I haven't heard anything back from the school yet BUT one of my references has been approached today.
    Is this a normal practice?
    I would have expected first to get an initial message from the school, telling me that I have been shortlisted.
    I'm not sure if I am missing something...
  2. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    Sometimes the practice is to take references prior to shortlisting good luck with the application
  3. MissCleo

    MissCleo New commenter

    I have never had any emails from overseas schools until after references has been checked. I am starting my third international job this summer and the only emails I have ever gotten from any schools have been automatic replies to say they have received my application (only in some cases) and then invitations to interviews (in most cases after references have been checked). In my experience, most international schools never get back to you unless they have already decided to interview you.

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