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Job Application - not done this for a while, a few questions!!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by impulce, May 6, 2011.

  1. Ive just been to look around a school and am not yet sure whether im going to apply, but im filling in the form as a start.
    A few things have me flummoxed already and I cant remember protocol from when I last applied for a job. Can anyone enlighten me on the following please!?

    1) It asks for a 'grade'. Does this mean my payscale point?
    2) As the address for my current employer, do I put the actual school address or the LEA address?
    3) I am leaving due to unrest at the school, but also for a change of scenery and to experience pastures new. How do I word that in the "reason for leaving" box?
    4) How far back do I go with previous employment and qualifications?
    5) It asks for membership of professional bodies? Does this mean GTC, Unions, other things?
    6) Who on earth do I put as my second referee? Ive worked at this school for a few years and noone from anything before that would remember me. Can it be for example, my KS1 coordinator and my headteacher?
    I feel a bit dense but I want to get it right. Thanks all!

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