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Jeremy Hunt, boo, hiss

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Vince_Ulam, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. Vince_Ulam

    Vince_Ulam Star commenter

    Caught the opening of his interview this morning with Andrew Marr on BBC1. Marr reads out a selection of quotes from letters by junior doctors explaining how distraught many of them feel at his attempted reforms of their contracts, much of it echoing some of the anxiety we read here on Workplace Dilemmas and may feel ourselves, and Hunt's response is to blame the BMA. What a dick he is.
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  2. sparkleghirl

    sparkleghirl Star commenter

    Did they ask him what on earth he was thinking of telling people to diagnose via google? How he can justify his position as minister for health after such a reckless, potentially dangerous statement?
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  3. Vince_Ulam

    Vince_Ulam Star commenter

    I've not seen it. I decided to stop watching at that point as I was infuriated.

    Seriously, why do people vote for these frackers and how do we disenfranchise them?
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  4. emilystrange

    emilystrange Star commenter

    i've seen a few posts saying that Marr gave him a right pasting.
  5. Yoda-

    Yoda- Lead commenter

    Jeremy Hunt. Words fail me.

  6. applecrumblebumble

    applecrumblebumble Lead commenter

    I thought Andrew Marr presented the junior doctors case soundly and made the point 98% of doctors supported their union so Hunt could not really just blame the BMA.
    Big thing though NHS is going paperless and he tried to present that as a way of reducing workload - well we know what that meets, more data, more feedback, etc, just doing on a computer.
    cissy3 likes this.
  7. lanokia

    lanokia Star commenter

    Jeremy Hunt messing up media? Hunt failing to address concerns? Hunt failing to understand the importance of being the Health secretary who saw a Doctor's strike on his watch?

    I'm so surprised....
  8. TCSC47

    TCSC47 Star commenter

    I honestly think that Hunt is trying to destroy the NHS and introduce private care. His method is to starve the NHS of resources and then blame them for the fall out. The story given by the Junior Doctors is so different to that of Hunt the **** so who am I going to believe. Umm-m I know who I trust and who I don't!!

    Incidently haven't we seen this B*ll Sh*t machismo somewhere else before? Oh and are we not seeing it in his successor as well? The whole of the Nasty Party has to play the game!!
  9. Scintillant

    Scintillant Star commenter

    Hunt, the idiot child-minister is completely out of his depth in the adult world. He lied about health stats and the doctors mulled him on it. And yet here the chinless wonder is, spouting more nonsense from the front of his head.

    Naughtie was right.
    Flere-Imsaho likes this.
  10. cissy3

    cissy3 Star commenter

    Not just the Junior Doctors, but this scenario is one that even the Consultants are fearing will happen. (Only anecdotal I'm afraid: my father's been seeing a good few of them recently)
  11. cissy3

    cissy3 Star commenter

    Just seen a clip of Hunt on BBC News Channel.

    Blaming BMA disinformation? Offering extra/better training? Unbelievable.

  12. applecrumblebumble

    applecrumblebumble Lead commenter

    He would not admit that the 11000 deaths were not done to junior doctors though - talk about disinformation.
    cissy3 likes this.
  13. FritzGrade

    FritzGrade Senior commenter

    But probably not the consultants who use nhs hospitals for their private patients.
    cissy3 likes this.
  14. cissy3

    cissy3 Star commenter


    (That's why I mentioned 'anecdotal'. I wonder what proportion would support the Junior Docs?)
  15. TCSC47

    TCSC47 Star commenter

    The thing that raises my blood pressure so, is to see these people (Nasty Party and a few others outside them) face the TV camera and face down the interviewer and simply say black is white and look and sound as though they have made their case and there is no answer to what they have said.

    And it would appear people fall for it!
    Vince_Ulam likes this.
  16. FritzGrade

    FritzGrade Senior commenter

    Which argument do you fall for (assuming you are neither a doctor or nhs wonk) ?
  17. Scintillant

    Scintillant Star commenter

    The facts surrounding the statistics on deaths are knowingly "misrepresented" by Hunt. Although doctors quickly explained the nuances in the data, it puts a seed in the public's mind.

    Pretty poor stuff.
    cissy3 and racroesus like this.
  18. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    Hunt is a liar. All Tories are liars.
  19. racroesus

    racroesus Star commenter

    If there is a very small number of deaths caused by doctors striking among a large number of hospital deaths his spin gets more powerful.
  20. Scintillant

    Scintillant Star commenter

    I doubt it would even need to be down to the strike. And I doubt that anyone will die as a direct result.

    Any old person dying will do if he can portray it in such a way. And that might well happen...
    racroesus likes this.

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