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Japanese day

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Gratzia, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. Gratzia

    Gratzia New commenter

    Has anyone got any display ideas for Japanese day which is on May 5th?

  2. s1oux

    s1oux New commenter

    ks1 cherry blossom trees. Paint trunk and branches. Scrunch up pink and white tissue paper for blossom
    ks2 children paint hiragana alphabet in different colours. Blending colours, children replicate great wave painting.

    Having said that - I'm renowned for my dire displays at school - but I have seen these done well.
  3. funambule

    funambule New commenter

  4. Have you thought about celebrating the life of the little girl, called Sadaku ( or something like that!) who started a huge peace movement across the world. SUSOMAD = Speak up. Speak out and Make a Difference . She was dying but made 000s of paper cranes whilst in hospital which represent peace in Japan. There is a Peace Park dedicated to her in Nagasaki. She became ill after the atom bomb fell. SUSOMAD has become a peace movement for children and can be done with young children.

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