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January exams in Yr12 Sociology

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by Lorly, May 17, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    It's come to that time of year again- we are re thinking the way we teach and once again trying to get the best for our kids. Our current thinking is that the way we teach Sociology is disadvantaging the pupils in their examinations. Currently we teach Family Sept- Jan and Education & methods Jan- May, but have been running out of time to fit it all in. The teaching is shared between two memebers of staff and both exams are sat in May.
    We are considering a swap to January enteries and although we are concenred some of the pupils will not be ready, we are confident that it will reduce the burden for others.
    Does anyone enter SCLY2 in Jan for Yr 12 pupils, if so how do they appraoch it. I know Family would be easier, but tim between Jan & May is getting shorter and shorter and the 2 essay appraoch on unit 1 disadvantages those who have just picked up the subject for first time in September. My rational is that the strcuture of SCLY2 is more access for all abilities.

    Opinions please!
  2. I feel your pain - i cannot believ how quick exams have come around this season. The thing is, if you enter them for SCLY2 in Jan I think you'd have a hell of a lot of resists anyway in June (the irony being the exam is in May). Its not just Education you're dealing with but all that methods content too....
    Another thing to consider is the students' essay technique. My current Y12's have come on leaps and bounds - some since the likes of March and Feb, not even January. 60% of their AS grade might not be the best intro into AS style exams.
    I would say it makes more sense to do F&H in Jan, or, if you stick to what you do now - what about spreading content. I'm lucky in that Im the sole teacher in my school (so don;t have to share content) but I teach F&H until December - with on dedicated period (50-60 mins) dedicated to methods every week. That way, From Jan to May (give or take a week for study leave for mocks) I focus on education, essay skills and keep that one dedicated lesson for methods. Something to consider. I have felt less rushed (but obviously still rushed!) getting finished this year following this method.
    Hope this helps, and good luck to your students this week [​IMG]
  3. Hey,
    We trialled entering our students in January this year for SCLY2. It worked out pretty well, I'm pleased to say. I was initially quite apprehensive about doing it, but with some tweaks ready for next september, I think it'll reap it's rewards. Wouldn't want to do it that way with SCLY4 as the theory section is ridiculously large. But I've found that with an hour a week on methods, and some creative activities in education, you can cover a lot of ground and get good results in education in Jan.
    Any questions, let me know!

  4. Ravena

    Ravena New commenter

    I do SCLY2 and SCLY4 in Jan - works really well

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