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Jane Eyre

Discussion in 'English' started by Lollylulu, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Lollylulu

    Lollylulu New commenter


    We're having a review of our curriculum and we're hoping to include Jane Eyre as one of our texts. Does anyone have a scheme of work for the novel? It doesn't matter which year group it's designed for, I can adapt it - it will just save me starting from scratch!
    Any input/things that have worked well if you teach it would also be appreciated.

  2. mmm, we teach it at a' level ... be warned, it's long and you'll have to be selective about what bits you focus on - and the majority of students HATE it!! especially boys. there are lots of resources on JE on the TES website.
    good luck!!
  3. i've just uploaded lots of teaching materials for jane eyre which may help you
    we do have schemes of work but it won't be much use to you as none of us manage to keep to what it says!!
  4. Dear Lollylulu
    I taught "Jane Eyre" as a GCSE text a few years ago and got a super Speaking and Listening activity out of it by holding the Board of Inquiry into Conditions at Lowood School. You could extend this into news reporting and writing the Board's report.
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  5. Lollylulu

    Lollylulu New commenter

    Thanks to everyone who has posted - that's really helpful. Luckily I work at a girls' school so we don't have the boy issue!
    The resources are great - thanks again.
  6. Here's a link to some of the resources teachers have uploaded about Jane Eyre to TES Resources
    Jane Eyre resources
    Hope they're useful
    Best wishes

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