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Jan results H&C WJEC

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by jfmurray, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. Hi Can anyone help with some tips ? My Jan exam results for WJEC H&C were not good and its my first time with the new spec ? Thanks !
  2. Hi Can anyone help with some tips ? My Jan exam results for WJEC H&C were not good and its my first time with the new spec ? Thanks !
  3. Hi
    We received some very poor results from this exam our worst results since we have used WJEC. We were shocked and disappointed as were the children. We spent a lot of time revising and focusing the revision on the new areas. I attended the training so that I was familiar with the marking and the new exam.
    I have rung the subject officer at WJEC today for advice, they were very helpful. She told me that the national mean score was 33.6% which seems incredibly low. She advised me to re enter all my students that did not get a C which is around 40! A huge cost to the school.
    I have asked for a mark scheme and an examiners report. We were flumoxed by this exam.
    I wonder if anyone else is in the same position?
  4. As with all papers I recommend you ask for copies of papers - they cost about £10 each and its worth it - you can look at them and then ask for a remark. There seems to be a large number of issues with lots of exams this January - I guess it's because " A'levels are getting easier". I am sure you can detect the sarcasm in my voice. There is no way they are easy. I always think that I would struggle to answer the questions on some of the papers my students have to sit just because they are so random.
  5. We also received extremely low grades in Jan Hospitality exam. This has been historic for us with wjec and we intend dropping this spec after this year as students who have worked very hard for two years have been left very disappointed and teachers are also frustrated. It has been exactly the same in Catering where the whole class again had very low marks last year. I found this very strange as you might expect a few to under perform and vice versa. The highest mark was 40/80. We applied for a remark of all papers and not one was changed. I'm afraid they have made these exams inaccessible to the majority of our students and therefore we will revert back to Food Technology where students have a fighting chance. The new spec papers are not a fair combination of the old style higher & foundation papers either.

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