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Jamie Olivers Home cooking skills

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by TC7, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. TC7


    We have started this and we think we may have to give it up due to the cost of entry. I am right thinking it is £15.00 per child?
  2. TC7


    We have started this and we think we may have to give it up due to the cost of entry. I am right thinking it is £15.00 per child?
  3. hi
    I don't know if it is £15.00, but that does sound about the same price as every other GCSE qualification- and is cheaper than individual units in the Food GCSE ,so it should equate out to about the same.
  4. This sound interesting but I think it has passed me by. I'm a big fan of Jamie Oliver - is this a let's get cooking type scheme or some sort of qualification?
  5. It is a BTEC and has been devised by Edexcel and Jamie OLiver. I have been teaching it since Sept but beware if you do not already have BTEC's in your school then you have to register and be happy to be the lead verifier for your school. At the moment I am trying to get on the induction course and it is becoming a hassel, has anyone else found this a problem?
  6. yes have nearly given up on it all as the admin seems over complicated - course itself is fantastic. didn't manage to get on the induction and still very confused about assessment.
  7. Aside from the admin side - what do the people who have run this course think of it so far? I had a look at it and it does look very interesting. How have the pupils taken to it and is it fairly straightforward?
  8. I was all set to run this and then realised that it is not yet an equivalent to a GCSE which meant that I was discouraged to do it. It looks brilliant though and some people are running as an afterschool course alongside a GCSE. That to me seems like a lot of extra work.

    I would run it if they bumped it up so that it was a whole GCSE equivalent.

  9. Hi there,

    I'm running this course from September- yikes- lol. Do you know if there is a SOW available as I'm new to this :-(
    My email is hardlyworthit@hotmail.co.uk

  10. Hi we are looking at doing this as well!

    how long does it on average take to complete level 1 and level 2??

    any SOW people could share? how do the kids find it?

    thanks very much :)

    my e-mail is sugar_warren@hotmail.com if any one can help

    thanks again
  11. I use the level 1 with year 8 and the level 2 with year 9, they do other work as well but no problem getting it done.
    used the outline plan from the specification and turned the factsheets into ppts with questions in a workbook, the rest of it, is in the learner records. You do need to think slightly differently when teaching and demonstrating to get the "objectives" covered.
  12. Hi,
    You will notice that I made a post nearly a year a go but persevered with the course and entered Year 10 and year 11 students. I teach in an Education Centre and the content of the course was easily accessible to these students, this year we are entering nearly three times as many students and completing L1 and L2. Once you have completed the training and have paperwork in place then hopefully work load will be less!!? The web site is pretty good and the learner records make it easy for students to complete work and assessment. We have had to alter most of the recipes to serve 1-2 people and often the recipes are paper heavy, so not ideal, however if you have low ability/behaviour students then this is a course that they can really access and enjoy!
  13. Hi have been landed the job of this from september - Has anyone got any schemes of work to get me started?

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