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Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by islandangel, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. I started it in September and the children (and parents) seem to be enjoying it. We have done omelette, american pancakes and savoury muffins so far - onto soup next week. Theory in alternate weeks which is even going down well. Will review at Christmas with the students and see what went down well and what didnt.
    Heidi x
  2. It looks good. Had organised myself through summer to offer this to a particular cohort instead of GCSE Food Tech. to be told that the school would not accept 1/2 Gcse grading ( even though it is more than an Entry level would offer these students) .. have been told to offer BTEC hospitality instead.. 2 Gcse's and irrelevant to the students.
  3. I have just started it and love it - no need to do any writing at all which is great (we'll do some) but I'm planning on doing one theory lesson which will include the learner records for the previous practicals once every half term.
  4. I'm interested in doing it with my students who are blind or partially sighted. As a rehab worker we do most of this anyway but from a different starting point. How much do you use the video's, and how might this input be changed without loss?

    How long are your theory sessions and your practical sessions? We take longer to do anything and everything!
  5. I intend starting this BTEC . Do you perhaps have a SOW for it and can you offer any advice?
    email f.mackay@eys.org.uk
  6. To be fair Btecs appear 'easier' as there is no exam however, I find your comment unfair as BTEC's can be very useful to pupils interested and also to pupils who will end up working in the industry either as students or beyond. Working with the Hilton hotel group, they are ecstatic that Hospitality for example is starting in schools so that the UK can start improving some of the inadequate employees. It's not a fraud if planned and taught properly!
  7. I am interested in doing the Level 2 with my Year 9 groups - roughly how many hours do you think I will need to cover the content and assessment? Is it a feasible option?

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