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James- when can I hand in notice?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Ev11, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. I have posted previously about not enjoying school, I was not deemed to be making satisfactory progress in my last term and now have weekly meetings with my mentor.
    Mentor has said I have dramatically improved which is good, however a drop in observation wasn't very good with the head saying she thought my lesson was wrong. Although it was planned with mentor but thats sods law I suppose.
    So basically my head thinks I'm not very good which is bad enough. I am going to be honest and at half term ask my mentor whether she thinks I will pass the term again. If not leave, when is the cut off date?
    Also if I leave, my head is not goign to give me a glowing reference, even though I am sure she would be professional and add that I am making improvements.
    What are the chances of securing another job? The truth is I have never had a problem with any teaching before, I have done 1 year long term supply prior to this. I just dont fit in this school and cant cope with the pressure. Would another head understand that?
  2. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    You can hand in your notice any time from now until the 28th February to be able to leave the employment at the end of term.
    Having said that, you could give your self extra time by waiting until you get the verdict on term 2 of Induction. If it's encouraging and states that you are now making satisfactory progress, you won't have burnt your bridges by resigning.

    Either way, you will two terms of Induction 'banked' . If you leave this school early, the next school that takes you on for Induction will receive copies of the two Induction term forms.
    It's a shame that your one year long-term supply did not allow you to complete Induxtion (or part of it). Why was that? Any placement that lasts at least a term's length, whether p/t or f/t, and which requires you to pan and assess should be part of Induction.
    Use the successful supply placement as evidence of where you were an effective practioner (with references) and calmly explain that your present school was very different and didn't suit you. Most teachers and Heads have worked in several schools and appreciate that schools are different.

  3. I read some where that if I did two terms and say the last term was not satisfactory, I would then have to hand in my notice to leave at may half term but then third time would be registered and I would be leaving half way through.
    If I leave at Easter would I not have two terms done anyway?
    I was only meant to be working supply for 3 weeks and it kept gettign extended for another month at a time. I should have pushed it in hindsight,
  4. Oh and the LA have not been notified that I wasnt making progress. they said I had worked hard enough and that next term they will give me support (don't know whether they were covering thier back)
  5. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    You have until about half term to get the notice in to leave at the end of term. I would suggest drafting your notice letter (might help make you feel better to have that ready), put in that you will work to the end of that term but also ask if it's possible forearly release from your contract so that you can preserve some induction time. Thatway if you have to get out early you'll still have 2 terms of induction to go at your new school which will give you more time to sort the paperwork out andget used to the school as you get your induction finished.
  6. Say for example I stay til Easter and then get another inadequate, would I need to redo that term or have one last term to do at another school?
    I assume they would tell the LA about that inadequate, I dont know as I would be leaving.
    Am worried about my reference, doesn't look like it would be any good due to poor teaching and relationships. Am scared it will effect my chances of another job!
  7. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    If you get the summative assessmentform completed for finishing term 2 and it's inadequate you've onlygot one term to pull things around in a different school

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