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James - Is it possible to be in the wrong school

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by bozbear, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. bozbear

    bozbear New commenter

    Hi All

    Am looking for reassurance really...

    I trained in Key Stage 2 by completing a PGCE. I came out as outstanding with two really good placements. I took a maternity cover in september which has lasted until Easter. It is a year 1 / 2 class. I have really struggled. I dont think my style has changed since my PGCE but what was judged as outstanding / good by my placement mentors/ tutors is now being judged as satisfactory!

    I have never really fitted in the school, my whole style and ethos just do not fit - very evidently! My mentor (the head) said today that I will be judged to be meeting the standards in my second term but she feels that I will have a lot of work to do in my 3rd term - which will not be in this school as m contract ends in april. I suppose my question is this:

    Is it possible that I have gone from being really good to rubbish - or could I just be in the wrong school? Square peg in round hole syndrome...

    Has anyone had this experience before and when they have changed schools have things improved rapidly or have you continued to struggle?

    Thanks everyone I am just looking for some advice and reassurance I think that this has happened to others and they have not struggled on etc.
  2. I have had exactly the same experience, gone from outstanding trainee to satisfactory NQT (with elements of good). I think we have to remember that we are not comparing like with like. Being an NQT you are being compared to teachers with years of experience and probably in several roles, as a trainee you are being compared to other trainees and students. I was a bit shocked the first time, but recognise that I still have a lot to learn. I am in my second post as an NQT and both schools and classes have taught me something different. My mentor at my first school said he really didn't get into his stride until his 2nd year, after his NQT placement.
    That said, I am also not 100% happy at my new school (looking elsewhere for September) - lots of reasons which were underlined tonight when I approached 2 members of staff who are trailing something new to this school with something I have had quite a bit of experience as my last school were a long way down the line in it (and my example was shown as a good example to OFSTED) and I got looked at like I was a piece of dirt and dismissed almost in the vain of 'how could you have any experience because you are an NQT'. At that moment I felt like crying, but I didn't and figured that it was better to let them get on with it.
    Interesting how one experience ca make you feel quite jaded but I am determined not to let it put me off... onwards and upwards and if the school isn't right for you then look elsewhere. personalities and management styles vary as do policies and different authorities.

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