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jack and the beanstalk

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by dizzyhead, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. Hello all! Im new to nursery, the children have been doing Jack and the beanstalk. I need help to plan a physical activity. I was thinking along the lines of using masking tape on the floor to make jacks journey down from the beanstalk and getting the children to move in different ways on that route. Can anyone help me make that more fun please. Im confused!
  2. Hi, I had my bean week last week in the nursery For a PD activity I did the good old bean game ie when I say runner bean ch run on the spot, chili bean rub themselves all over because they're cold, frozen bean freeze, baked bean lie down and bake in the sun, jumping bean jump up and down, coffee bean drink a nice cup of coffee and jelly bean go all wobbly wobbly. Its just a listening game and you keep calling them out as long as ...If you need any other bean activities let me know. Eve
  3. Thankyou Eva, thats a fantastic idea, ive done it with older KS1 children and it works well, i will try it with this nursery class and see how they get on. Ive only been with them a week yet. Do you think of an activity and then try to match it it statements frim DM or vice versa, im not sure which way to go about it? Also, do you differentiate all your activities? Ive looked at the old planning at this nursery and they dont seem to differentiate? Last question, i have some children who stay in nursery all day, am and pm, so they are currently repeating morning activities in the afternoon, is ththis what your nursery do? I want to change that.
  4. I rejigged my planning so all the DM statements are in 1 column, All the continuous provision and possible activities that would fit around the topic ie last week introducing growing topic. In the third column i write down potential observation opportunities so anyone looking at the plans can see why I'm doing ... Different things evolve as the week goes on, children develop interests so my plan is not set in stone. My daily plan is more detailed, handwritten and messy but i write who needs to do what ie focus task that wasnt completed yesterday and differentiation, in the form of adult intervention to extend/support different needs. i do have some children who stay all day but I don't change activities. I might leave their involvement in a focus group until the afternoon, there is sufficient range for them to be involved for the day plonking down in the reading area with a basket of books to read to those who need something different,or involving them in an activity on the IWB if need be. Recent Ofsted and EY advisor were fine so I keep going. If you need any thing just email me. evebatten@aol.com
  5. Thank you Eva. Im getting my head around the DM statements at the moment. The PD activity that you suggested, what statement would that match?
  6. Well I would put it as 30-50 months 'move freely with pleasure and confidence .... ' and/or'sit up,stand up and balance on different parts of the body' or 40-60 months experiment with different ways of moving If you read the effective practice column and planning and resourcing although it doesnt specifically id the exact nature of the game children are exploring different ways of moving. as well as listening and responding to a verbal cue. Its in the 'spirit' of it I think. eve
  7. thanks eva, you have been such a great help. x

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