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Jack and the beanstalk

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by nicola0785, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. Hi,
    My topic next week is Jack and the beanstalk. I have many ideas already on what to do e.g. planting seeds, planting flowers, buidling castles. I was wondering if anyone had any other creative ideas for me indoor/outdoor?
    Thanks x
  2. Hi,
    My topic next week is Jack and the beanstalk. I have many ideas already on what to do e.g. planting seeds, planting flowers, buidling castles. I was wondering if anyone had any other creative ideas for me indoor/outdoor?
    Thanks x
  3. I had this topic in my first placement class and really enjoyed doing a movement/drama activity. I wrote out a simple script of the story and read it out while me and the children acted out the movements. I dont have a copy of it unfortunately but its was really fun and the kids loved it!
  4. Not very creative but it is good for length/growing/positional language.

    In nursery we made beanstalk out of different materials, some independently and some as a group (good for problem solving and speaking/listening)

    We read JAsper's Beanstalk and compared the stories, ie Jasper's beanstalk takes a long time to grow whereas Jack's is immediate, etc

    Talked about what would have happened if the giant had caught Jack at some point

    What else could have been at the top of the beanstalk etc

    Good luck
  5. set of 4 simple FREE Jack and the Beanstalk story sequence pictures for your children to colour and sort, in Trad Tales
    at www.mychalkface.com

    there are also other J+B resources there including a postcard and a poster,

    there is also a 'growing beans sequence' set in the Growth category.
  6. Thank uou everyone for your comments. They are very helpful and will certainly try them out!
  7. re post 3

    Thanks for this very useful link, Mrs V.

  8. Is this really a story for small children?
  9. The same could be said for most traditional tales, I suppose.

  10. Thanks for all the suggestions for teaching Jack and the Beanstalk; they are great. I too am teaching this at the moment...
  11. Leapyearbaby64

    Leapyearbaby64 New commenter

    We just did this! There is a nice cartoon on cbeebies. We told the story using musical instruments which the children really enjoyed. Used chime bars for climbing up and down the beanstalk, drums for the giant, rain makers for the clouds ... did this as a group and then put into the music area for the children to re-create.
  12. cinderella1

    cinderella1 New commenter

    This is my next topic as well, and yes it is a lovely fairy story for young children.

    We do this one every year as the kids love the fairy stories, last year this one lasted about a month as it is so popular and so much to do around it.

    using boxes you can make a castle outside and paint it, the kids can then use for role play.

    fav game i played was lucky 7's using two dice one spots one numbered........children throw the numbered dice then the spots, 3 or 4 goes each, if their two numbers add oto 7 they get a golden egg. The one with the most eggs is the winner
  13. Thanks for that link puzzles:)
    I shall use it on my IWB tomorrow.
  14. Thank you so much!
  15. MissMistoffelees

    MissMistoffelees New commenter

    We did Jack and the Beanstalk at the beginning of last term (in nursery) and I found a lovely activity idea on a different forum which the children loved- spray paint some beans (I used broad beans) gold on one side; give each child 5/6 beans in a cup, they shake the cup and tip them out then they count how many 'magic beans' (ones that have landed gold side up) and how many plain beans they have then how many altogether.
  16. We made a beanstalk that could grow using a pulley in Nursery. The children loved making it shrink and grow and they had lots of problem solving opportunties. My colleague made a fantastic beanstalk display where the children kept adding there own bits to it and it ended up growing round the room. Another collegue made a living beanstalk display growing the bean in a cut off coke bottle on the display. Really effective. I love this topic.
  17. Posted by: MissMistoffelees 30/04/2012 at 22:36
    We play this too. Have you been on the maths course at Early education? Brilliant.
  18. MissMistoffelees

    MissMistoffelees New commenter

    No, just found it on the internet; good ideas must travel fast! Will have a look into the course though; if they thought up that activity would love to know what else it involves!

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