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ive unwittingly allowed myself to be a mug!

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by thomisina, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I am a NQT and started at my present post in january to cover a staff member on sick leave, this made my time there 'sick note' depending, and unclear about how long i should expect to be covering. I was offered little information on starting the cover work and was ignored by other science teachers, not very welcoming. however due to the current climate, i was really glad that i was able to get back into the classroom and build on my experience and stuff, so it was a small price to pay. i had to find out everything for myself, when asked what keystage 3 and 4 where doing i was advised to check their books and work it out (no advice given about the SOW or programme of study) had to find out everything for myself. It was and is a 'every man for themselves' kind of ethos in the dept. The subject content that i was to teach was not to be my biggest challenge however as the behaviour soon became my main prob.
    the kids picked up quickly that i was not very informed on school procedures, i had no prior information or warning about the students i was to encounter. To cut a long story short it took an incident with a very large student and a table, in which my legs where hurt,before notice was tgiven the problems i was facing, althought the experienced teacher i was covering for had been left in tears on many occassions after encountering the same class.
    the student in question was removed from the class, and i was assured he wouldnt be back, then they chjanged their minds with out warning me and put him back in the class, i felt sick and unable to cope with the situation. the response i go to this was that I didnt have the right to discriminate him because he hadnt done anything wrong! and furthermore that the real issue was that i 'shld be making sure he passed his work!!! although if i appraoched this lad he would tell me to f off and fling files etc at me, on being asked to leave i would get the same response! i was repeatedly telling hod about the situation.
    I have gone above and beyond in the amount of work i have put in, I really want to be a good teacher, however with the other difficult classes i faced and high demands with out support, i have found ive become lost on the way.
    the teacher has now came back and has made comments that i have not fulfilled her responsibilties adaquatley and some people are giving me the cold shoulder on her return
    many other things have happend but all in all it seems its never enough and all the feedback i get is negative comments, (unconstructive)
    i was only given a mentor a few weeks ago but have only managed 1 meeting which is a shame because she is great.
    i feel like ive been a mug and allowed them to take advantage of my inexperience of the school system
  2. Firstly, I am sorry to hear you have had such a horrible experience but I guess even though it has been horrible you have perhaps had an opportunity to gain some experience and also wider experience about the kind of school you would like to work in and perhaps things to look for next time, etc...
    It makes me sad to read stories like this. I used to work in secondary as an LSA and a cover supervisor and I took my role quite seriously, unfortantely the school didn't and we were just a body to put in front of kids - as a parent I would be horrified as I used to come across the same kids, day in day out, for teachers who had quite a bit of time off sick or for difficult classes (and teachers had odd days off and sometimes I wondered if it was to avoid those types of classes) but I digress. I went on to a referral unit (secondary) and then spent some time in a primary school as a TA before deciding to train in primary as I felt generally (although not always) there was better backing and people seemed to look out for you more and you were less 'on your own' and there was a better relationship with parents (although i have found out in my NQT year these are not always the case). Anyway the lack of support and poor behaviour in secondary, along with attitudes of certain colleagues/departments was what influenced my decision to opt for primary.
    I think all you can do here is learn from the experience. Some schools treat their staff like dirt, especially those on temporary contracts and it really is no necessary. Also it is time something was done about unacceptable behaviour in schools - I have a child in my class whose parent kicks off everytime he has a class exclusion. I am told I am picking on him, Because the powers that be don't deal with this, I get this threat from the child every time he is in trouble - that last one accumulating in him screaming at me down the corridor that he was going to 'get me done' before he left the school. Now having experience in a referral unit, I know most of these are empty threats, but I shouldn;t have to put up with this, just as you shouldn;t have to out up with the behaviour of this child in your class.
    LAs need to start stepping in and SLTs need to start developing a set of balls to deal with kids like this - it isn't fair on the other kids. It makes me wonder what schools are so frightened of that they can't deal with these disruptive students effectively?
    Like you I feel quite disillusioned at my last two terms but I am starting at a new school in September so plan to chalk my experiences down and learn from them. Good luck with it all and don't let it get you down - it is a bigger world out there and not all schools/departments are like this.

  3. Good luck in your new school!
    thankfully I had the pleasure of experiencing a supportive department at a school during my training, i feel more angry at myself for allowing the situation to get like it has. having a very busy life as a parent of 3 and a carer, outside of school, i had not took the time to look into NQT information, and was therefore ignorant to what i should expect. having recently took the time to fill myself in, i now know i have not been given any of the support that i should be, nothing has been arranged for me except 1 meeting quite a few weeks ago with a newly appointed mentor, but she is now too busy with her other responsibilities.
    I am seriously considering leaving next week and holding out for a school that is more in tune with my ethos. i loved my training year and love teaching but need to feel valued as a person and not undermined at every given opportunity. or hearing SSHHH when collegues are in corridoors and getting the cold shoulder,
    in most cases i can deal effectively with challenging kids but staff who offer no advice just critisism is another thing. cant wait to leave. but will miss teaching untill i find another school

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