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I've noticed lots of threads on Sustainability or Climate Crisis here

Discussion in 'Geography' started by LondonLEEF, Feb 18, 2020.

  1. LondonLEEF

    LondonLEEF New commenter

    Dear Geography educators,
    I've noticed that lots of Sustainability-related threads are in this section. i'm new to this forum, representing the third-sector informal Environmental Education sector. Our members, and they are numerous and amazing, support teaching and learning about sustainability, and many support teachers directly in offering CPD, etc. The Natural History Museum, London Zoo, the city farms, Hampstead heath and many wildlife reserves and other smaller outfits are members.

    We run events and training, but what we'd most like to see is sustainability included and in fact merged into formal education at all levels, in order to prepare all learners for a future that will undoubtedly be greatly coloured by climate challenges (such as two massive storms in a week that leave flood-management standing and many many people with unlivable homes).

    You can get in touch with us on leef@leef.london (I'm Zaria), but more importantly, how about creating a forum area for whole-school sustainability? Can that be done?

    Warmly, enjoy half-term.
    Zaria, London Environmental Educators' forum.

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