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I've got that dreaded Sunday feeling...

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Looby_Lou14, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. Looby_Lou14

    Looby_Lou14 New commenter

    So Saturday has been and gone, Sunday has flown by, as usual. Spent some lovely time with my horse,hardly any time with OH as he works weekends but I'm now sitting here with my usual Sunday feeling: I just feel down. Just 'down'.

    I wish I didn't feel like this- in fact after the Christmas hols I had told myself to go in with a new positive attitude and start again, but things have seemed to get worse.
    - Department still don't speak/ act as a 'team'
    - Whole school up in arms about academy status
    - Behaviour of the children is awful- not so much my classes but those who I don't teach- the other day a 6ft boy squared up to me all because I said he had to leave the corridor. I am 5ft on a good day.
    - I seem to be losing my way with lessons- It is so hard to try and teach fun inspiring lessons when in reality I feel lonely- even sad sometimes.
    - I also have to do the dreaded 'admin' lessons at some point regarding targets, levels so far, etc. but have left it so long I'm not sure where to start (my own fault I know!)
    I'm not sure why I am writing this, other than it gets it off my chest.
    I am off for a bath now, hopefully some bubbles will help to relax me, but in reality I feel like I need a massive cry- yet I'm not totally convinced why.

  2. captain oats

    captain oats New commenter

    Not much advice to offer I'm afraid. Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone!

    I am also dreading tomorrow, the weekends are never long enough. I am unhappy at school and feel like I have lost my 'mojo'. I just can't seem to be positive any more, and the most depressing thing of all is that I have nothing to look forward to.
    Every night I come home from school and start looking for a new job. The school I work at currently is draining me of everything I have and I hope that a change will help me find my teaching self again!
  3. anon8315

    anon8315 Established commenter

    I totally understand how you feel [​IMG] We have absolutely epic staff meetings on Mondays as well which seem to make Mondays feel as if they go on since the dawn of time.
    I never sleep well on Sunday nights either.
    I've spent the entire day working today, and still feel swamped.
  4. I can relate to so much of this. I also have little advice for you unfortunately but *hugs* and just to say that you're not alone. Take a glass of wine into that bath with you!
  5. kittylion

    kittylion Established commenter

    Me too - I HATE Sundays and have done since I qualified for teaching in 1981 and got my first job - with a few years break when I had the kids and worked part time. I have always felt that my weekends were not my own and I never do anything nice because I feel I should be working - but then quite often I put the work off anyway. I know - I am my own worst enemy but I truly hate Sundays.

    (((Hugs))) to us all.
  6. Even though I spent all day and evening working on marking and planning lessons, and did several hours yesterday, I am actually feeling very relaxed now. I am sorting out work for a colleague who is absent and trying to set quality work based on the scheme of work (luckily they have a qualified cover teacher for most lessons) and that seems to take longer than planning my own lessons! I am ahead of the game though and have got resources ready for two weeks ahead so i can have a bit of a weekend off next week. Maybe I will find somewhere to go out?
  7. Larsy

    Larsy New commenter

    Oh I sympathise entirely, I always have that dreaded Sunday feeling, I am not really enjoying my work at the moment either and I feel very down and lonely.
    Horses are a help though, aren't they? What is your horse like? Is that him in the picture? I go riding each week to this great place Crowwood Stables with lovely people. The horses are fantastic too: my favourites are Penny, a three year old mare & Dillon, a gorgeous palomino gelding. Great personalities! :D

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