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I've come over here because it seems friendlier than opinion...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by walnuthead, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. Good evening.
  2. Welcome to Primary!
  3. Oh, you are a friendly primary person. All I get is trouble on Opinion. I'll try and be good here.
  4. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    LOL All I get is trouble...think it might be my fault though!

    However primary is definitely the friendliest forum of all...
  5. Ah, amongst friends at last. Hi Minnie.
  6. Amongst friends, at last, safe from the tongue of Mr Bronson and Burden Park. (They're horrid, you know.)
  7. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Naaaa no-one is horrid. Some people just don't agree with me and so are wrong! See. Debate works perfectly.
  8. No, they really are horrid. And wrong.
  9. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    You see, you will fit in well here, we're used to dealing with little children all day long, [​IMG]
  10. Oh no, negative comments. I thought primary would be all emotional literacy and positive self esteem... (sobs)
  11. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    LOL And we believe nothing anyone says about anyone else at all!
  12. manic28

    manic28 New commenter

    Friendly, but beware the spelling and grammar police!

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