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I've been looking at Thinkers keys and wondered if anyone had some planning that I could look at which incorporates them?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by onatop, May 28, 2008.

  1. Please if somebody can help that would be great.
    I found some details on yahoo curriculum group but not how it was planned in.
  2. Not got any planning to send you but have just looked at this and think it would fit in nicely with the creative curriculum. Might be worth posting this query on that thread.
  3. Good idea - will try that now. Thanks.
  4. Once more ^^^^^^ There must be somebody out there using them.
  5. I only just heard about it when you posted. I looked at the site and the starters, they look great. sorry can't help but may consider looking into them more when I am caught up with everything else... did you ask on the yahoo group?
  6. No I haven't - but I did look up the details for the original poster and she is no longer there. I thought I might be able to contact her directly.
    You might have the details - lauren.hateley
  7. let me look
  8. Thanks for that. It is an Australian initiative so I might be cheeky and contact her - however if you put thinkers keys into resources there are some there as well.
    Will keep looking.
  9. her address came from an old post on here so I;m not disclosing anything.. I'd contact her...
  10. Thanks again - if we keep chatting like this, who knows somebody might spot the topic!!!!
  11. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about these either. However, you writing about these has made me go and look at the website about them. Thanks for bringing it up, they look really interesting. Hope you manage to get some more info. Do keep us posted as to how things go, I'd love to find out more.
    Let's hope someone who knows more about this spots it!! Sorry I can't help but thanks for bringing these to my attention
  12. Just in case there is anybody out there able to help.
  13. I use these in my classroom quite a lot as a way of introducing a topic or assessing a subject area, amongst other things. I delivered a session to other teachers in our school and could forward the powerpoint to you if you wish.

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