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I've been accepted onto a SCITT course for september but I'm getting cold feet already

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Teacher_Jen, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,
    Well, currently I work in retail, its boring, I'm on my feet constantly and its pretty mind numbing.
    As I have my degree I felt that I needed to do something that made use of that, I have also always wanted to teach.
    I am volunteering in a primary school once a week and this school is a very challenging one - lots of english as a second language and children who can barely read and write in year four.
    I enjoy my relationship with the children, helping them to achieve and seeing the smile on their faces when they do something they are really proud of.
    When I was offered my place on the SCITT course I felt so lucky and alhough my dreams had come true.
    Now I come onto these forums and read some of the posts and it makes me really anxious and worried. I don't want to have zero time for friends and family as they're a huge part of my life. I'm also scared of some of the horror stories I've been reading. I don't understand how it can be as bad as everyone says or nobody would do it surely?
    I have friends who are now NQTs and in training and most of them find it hard but are enjoying it, only one is really hating it at the moment and thats because she doesn't like her school.
    My cousin is also a teacher in her second year of teaching and is loving it, she never seems to be stressed and is constantly going away on holidays and going out with her mates still.
    I just need to know whether I should really do this or whether its best to cut and run now. I am looking forward to starting but certain things people have said are putting me off quite abit.
  2. People come on the forums to rant or get advice, so they're not going to be truly balanced. It's tough but not as bad as the horror stories you hear- and nowhere NEAR as bad as retail! (I come from retail and haven't looked back!)
  3. Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious New commenter

    Never use a web forum to judge anything. Forums always pick up the most vocal people - For every one moaning (legitimately or not) poster, there are 10 people out there not even on the forum.
    Some people find they're working with the wrong people, others find they're dealing with the wrong sort of classes. Sometimes it's luck.
    It will be tough for a while because you're finding out how to do the job - once you know how to manage your time it gets easier. There are sacrifices to be made, but such is the nature of any career.
  4. MizUnderstood

    MizUnderstood New commenter

    I am on a SCITT course, and I love it, don't get me wrong there are pinch points where you need to take deep breaths (usually just before a teaching practise when you are convinced every idea you have is pants!!) and compared to PGCE Uni students we do seem to have a lot to do at once and it can be more full on (we are writing assignments at the same time as teaching practise - and when they are in school observing for a couple of weeks before xmas we were in week 3 and 4 of teaching 60% of the timetable!!).

    I'm glad I've done it this way, you end up with a lot more in school experience than the 'standard' route, and you get a real feel for how it truly is, from the first day back in September when the classroom rules as being set to the children through to the being part of the 'staff' in schools (all the uni students seem to stick together in the staff room whereas I sit with the staff - that may not be the case everywhere, but it's what I've seen and heard sometimes happens).

    Don't panic (I need to remind myself of this occasionally!!) as it is doable, I have a family to raise so have extra pressures, but I still manage time to play inane games on FaceBook and read for pleasure, and yet I'm getting great feedback from all of my observations and my files are tip top and ready for anyone to look at if they need to. It can consume as much time as you allow it to, if you decide "Right, I'm going to work for 4 hours on Friday evening and have my weekend free" then you can. However, I am a fast reader and typist, and am confident at making smartboard presentations in a flash, so that saves me an enormous amount of time!! I can see how some people would spend hours with all the 'fiddly' bits! There's absolutely no point spending 4 hours on a smartboard presentation when the lesson is only 60 minutes long - yet I know some people who still do this!

    Don't worry, go in with your eyes open, be aware that it can be tough at times and you will be prepared. It's a huge learning curve and each day gets easier.....although I might disagree with myself in a couple of weeks when I should be writing a 5000 word essay on top of planning!!
  5. MizUnderstood

    MizUnderstood New commenter

    Grrr, google chrome has removed all my paragraphing!

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