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I've an Unpleasant Habit

Discussion in 'Retirement' started by anon1269, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. On the day before schools return I always read the threads where teachers are dreading returning to work. I'm really ashamed of myself!
  2. I'm not dreading it, because I've only got 2 weeks to push before I retire!! I will then do exactly the same as you. Bliss.
  3. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    The shops will be quiet tomorrow!!
    Thanks so much for reminding me, after 2 2/3 yrs I was almost forgetting to enjoy this evening with the particular frisson that freedom brings.
  4. kittylion

    kittylion Senior commenter

    On the day before school starts I usually look for a thread like this on the Retirement forum to make me think that in a few years hopefully that will be me.
    Is that a bad habit too?
  5. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    Now I feel bad !!
    Take care kittylion - the best is yet to come.
  6. angiebabe

    angiebabe Occasional commenter

    Oooo must text my poor mates and wish them luck for the new term and new head (hopefully a saviour)!
  7. kittylion

    kittylion Senior commenter

    Lol I know Lindenlea, but knowing myself as I do, if I were retired I would still probably be worrying about something - as I'm sure you all do - just not about the first day back[​IMG]
  8. kittylion

    kittylion Senior commenter

    Are you retiring mid term then Serdinya?
  9. No, the official leaving date for the spring term is the end of April. I have to work these last two weeks.
  10. gooddays

    gooddays Senior commenter

    Enjoy your unpleasant habit! I will be reading those threads in September. I was going to wait until I had 50 school days left (Apr. 20) to make my big announcement, but a staff member asked on Friday, "What will you be doing next year?" Rather than hem and haw, I told her. Yippee!
  11. hahahah and I thought it was only me! I also have to bite my tongue when I see all their procrastinating posts on FB too
    Welcome gooddays and many more of them to come
  12. hahahah and I thought it was only me- find it hard not to comment at their procrastination posts on FB too- welcome gooddays and may you have many more of them

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