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I've also got some reading posters.....sign up for copies!

Discussion in 'English' started by cfrost, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. Would really appreciate some of these - have just started my NQT year and have a big, bare, boring classroom - thanks v.v. much.



  2. If it's not too late I'd love to jump on this bandwagon too. :)


    Thanks guys,

  3. these were fab. thanks... having become a sucker to laziness and buying the odd poster or resource package now and then... did you know these posters are being sold by an ebay shop seller called hannah's resources??? Thought you ought to know if they are your own!
    Either way, thanks again, cause they're great. Kids love them.
  4. Thanks for these. Very useful.
  5. If you're not totally fed up - yes please! AND. . . .(jumping in with both feet!) . . . . could I also beg a set of inspirational posters? Ofsted next month, and we're desperately trying to cover every bit of wall space!
  6. I tried the other thread but then realised you are not checking it any more!! Please could I sign up for the reading and inspirational posters. Thanks so much. My e-mail is
  7. If you are not fed up - then please amy I jump on the poster bandwagon.


    Thank you
  8. nellskip

    nellskip New commenter

  9. ladysue

    ladysue New commenter

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