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ITW for TA level 3 French - HELP PLEASE

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by RandaM, May 28, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I am a qualified French teacher applying for a teaching assistant level 3 - French job. I do not know how to practice and be ready for this ITW. Any help / advice is welcome. I don't really know what is a TA level 3 role.... if it involves working with SEN pupils I am not qualified but I am willing to get training.
    So basically, I would like to know what they expect from me on the day and for the position, also what kind of questions they will ask.... Many thanks.
  2. What does it mean TA level 3?
  3. Hii I'm Jackie I work in a High School as a Teaching assistant, I'm not too sure if I can help you but will give it a try. Usually if you attached to a department, it would be expected that you work with the children that just need a bit of extra help, in my experience I've found that the kids who have English literacy problems for some reason do better at languages. Your teacher should point you in the right direction and I'm sure being a French Teacher, you'll be a really good asset, Good Luck!!!
    T.A. is a really rewarding job :)
  4. Aww sorry to hear you didn't get job. Remain positive :)


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