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ITT Provider Allocations 2011/12

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by likejesus, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. likejesus

    likejesus New commenter


    found at: http://jsavage.org.uk/?p=1200

  2. josiejosie

    josiejosie New commenter

    Thank you!
    You can see how this compares to previous years with this PDF
    My subject has pretty much halved its intake
  3. shoegal44

    shoegal44 New commenter

    Not sure if I'm reading this right, but it looks as though my course actually has 10 more places than last year??
  4. I'm not totally sure this is right either as Roehampton Primary has gone from 220 places to over 500! That is a massive increase!!
  5. from what i can see this cover Postgrad and Undergrad places?
  6. I think this covers both postgrad and undergrad courses?
  7. I think so.

    Is this right though? How did you find it?
  8. likejesus

    likejesus New commenter

    Wanting any news I can get my hands on, I searched 'tda teacher' on the Google Blogs search and voila!
  9. Ahh thanks for this - if I am reading it correctly Northampton GTP have nearly doubled their allocation from 22 to 40, which seems amazing but will really help me I hope, as I'm hanging on a conditional offer OR a place on the reserve list - so lets hope it's the former with this news! :)
  10. This must be a combination of undergrad and PGCE. Marjon's allocation last year was 59 and now it's showing 192! Fingers crossed for everyone though! xxx
  11. Depends. Some Unis don't do undergrad just PGCE, and they have like 150.

    Does Marjon do an undergrad course? If not, their PGCE numbers may have gone up! (Probably a few for part time though)
  12. likejesus

    likejesus New commenter

    This is expressly an ITT list. I don't think undergraduate degrees are considered ITT, as they don't in and of themselves lead to QTS.
  13. Yeah Marjon does have an undergrad course. As much I would love for the intake to have been trebled I really doubt it has been xxx
  14. likejesus

    likejesus New commenter

    Ah, I see what people mean now. Yes, it seems these are for postgrad and undergrad. Still, in the case of Roehampton and Marjon the annual totals in both allocations are broadly similar for primary at least, and in the case of my uni - UWE - there's one more primary place than last year. I'm still heartened by the figures!
  15. Comparing Marjon's 2010/2011 to 2011/12 it's actually went down three places. That would make more sense. Fingers crossed one of the existing places are mine! xxx
  16. Hi all
    I can't quite work out where all this info has come from, all I've found is the letter from Gove to the TDA with total ITT places excluding Teach First places (also has some info on funding for 11/12) and that it is now for TDA to allocate these places to training providers.
    I had an interview at SHU today for secondary science and they found out this morning how many places they had for each of their science courses, as yet I haven't been able to find this info in the public domain. I don't know if this is true for all institutions but they did say no announcement has been made for SKE places.
  17. Was wondering how reliable is this information on number of places offered for 2011-12 too?
  18. I'm glad I'm not the only cynical one!! I don't understand how this info has been made available when the TDA haven't made their official announcements yet!
    An insider job maybe?
  19. Hi all
    No insider jobs. Providers wqere given the breakdown of all allocated places for mainstream (PGCE) and EBITT (GTP) places yesterday.
    We are now looking at the detial to see how this matches to our provisional offers and where we still have shortages. We wiull need a few days to fully digest the numbers and tally them with our current applications. As soon as the providers have done this reconciliation letters will be going out with firm offers.
    I've been working on the Sussex science provision today, but we still have to check our applications as well as look at the forthcoming interviews and tally these with students currently on enhancement courses so it can be complex for some subjects.
  20. Oh no, my course has gone down by 31!
    I hope the offers wasnt sent out according to their usual allocation! I hope the Universities predicted this situation.
    Very worried now!!

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