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It's up to you, New York, New York...

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by misboohoo, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. Busstopjen

    Busstopjen New commenter

    I interviewed today. There were over 100 applicants for the science job. This was a first round interview, part two (if they liked me) will be in London in the next couple of weeks. Apparently the ultimate decision will be made by the 21st :S
  2. 100 Applicants! OMG
  3. What was the Skype interview like? Did they seem friendly?
  4. Busstopjen

    Busstopjen New commenter

    They seemed nice, friendly etc. Seemed professional without being rigid.
  5. Hope you make it through to the next round. ;)
  6. Busstopjen

    Busstopjen New commenter

    Thanks! Fingers crossed!
  7. after reading this message i went on the website of the other school in new york (the middle and primary school) and to my suprise their was a PE post advertised! I was wondering if anyone knew if this was also advertised when all these other jobs were advertised as there only about 5 left now.
    its not specified in any of the PE info when the closing date is, does anyone know!!
  8. Busstopjen

    Busstopjen New commenter

    I think that's a new post as it's not mentioned on the advert on the IBO website.

    Apply now as they're interviewing in London and NY in the next couple of weeks!
  9. i have!!! i have just this minute submitted it, its my dream job pe and new york!! :) fingers crossed!
    thanks for the reply!!
  10. I think it was on their website before the 25th closing date with the other jobs, they added more posts a week or so before the 25th. However as it's still there it suggests they're still looking. I'm wondering if those jobs are ones they intend to fill locally as they weren't advertised here either, hopefully not. Good luck with your application.
  11. anyone heard anything more from 25th school - any more interviews?
  12. No, I haven't heard anything. I am assuming it's a no.
  13. Hi,

    I realise this post is now quite out of date but I am thinking about moving to New York for a year with a hope of continuing my teaching career over there.

    Please, if you have any information about protocol then let me know.

    Finding it really difficult to even begin doing my research. Don't have a clue where to look!

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