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It's now all official!

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Myrrhine, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. I handed in my notice at work today.
    While exciting, it was also quite sad I now have only six weeks remaining of my easy routine, the company of my fabulous colleagues, and, unfortunately, having some money to spend!
  2. Ah well, it's not a proper leaving do without someone ending up on their ****!
    I rarely drink so thankfully it's never me! LOL!
  3. I already handed me notice in! Can't wait!
    Am going to have about 6 weeks spare before starting PGCE [​IMG]
  4. I have to keep my calendar secret. My managers are a bit arsey about me going. So I keep it in my diary and sneek peeks at it when no-one is watching!
    It is colour coded in highligher showing my least favourite days, my crappy early starts and late finishes, the shifts whith my the co-workers I like least...
    It's amazing (at least I think so at least) how many people are giving up perfectly safe/ comfortable/ happy/ well paying/ reputable jobs to go into teaching. Us included. It's such a huge leap of faith, and it makes me feel happy :)

  5. Hi Stacey,

    Thanks for the comments, and I have to say I really agree with you about the school putting me in a vulnerable position. I should have made clear however that I wasn't teaching Year 11 alone- the kids I helped to move up from a D to a C with their coursework were taught by a qualified English teacher. I was working with some borderline students under her supervision, so I think that, as they were all entered for the Foundation Tier of the exam, getting a C is what they were all aiming for (indeed, the maximum grade that paper allows)- and bumping their coursework up hopefully helped them to achieve that overall.
    As for the rest of what you say- I couldn't agree more. Teaching two Key Stage 3 bottom sets was exceptionally hard. I had a lot of problems with behaviour at first and it wasn't fair on the kids, or on me. I asked for help but the attitude was very much "you want to be a teacher- so get on with it". I was also told there just weren't enough teachers to cover my lessons. I ended up muddling through with the help of a (also unqualified, but much more experienced) HLTA colleague. The school -maybe not surprisingly- has had a lot of trouble retaining staff. The English Department alone this year saw 6 people pass through one post! I do feel that the school managed things badly in this respect, but I also wanted to take something positive away from this. I'm really committed to becoming a teacher and feel like this experience has prepared me for a PGCE like nothing else...

  6. ian60

    ian60 New commenter

    rosetea, you deserve a medal.
  7. Rosetea, I agree with ian60, you do deserve a medal!
    The school clearly has problems with staffing, but they opened themselves up for some major lawsuits!
    At least you know if you can cope with that the rest of teaching will be a breeze!
  8. I love the fact you're all counting down the days! I thought I might be the only only one. I've got a calender pinned to my bedroom wall with a tally of numbers in each month of how many days are left until my course starts. It's really exciting!

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