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Its NOT espionage, its public/private funding!

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by SEBREGIS, Jan 30, 2018.


    SEBREGIS Lead commenter

    On Radio4 this morning, I ear Mike Pompous, Trump's head of the CIA, claim that China was boosting its espionage network. There are apparently Chinese agents working in industry, government - AND SCHOOLS!!

    So - should any Chinese equivalent of M be reading the TES this morning - can I just say that I'm happy to offer my services?

    In return for the 10% pay increase the government should give us, I will cheerfully teach lessons on:

    China's role in world culture
    The importance of the CCP in defeating Japan in WW2
    Chinoiserie and its impact on European art.

    I'll even offer a discount on Britain and the Opium wars.

    I don't consider this in any way disloyalty to my nation and I will, of course, require far more to cover their record on Tibet or Human Rights (though like a government minister, such considerations may be put to one side for sufficient financial benefits).

    If the government is happy to run industry on private/public investment, why should I do anything different in my classroom.(BTW - I won't accept Bitcoin, and I will most certainly NOT accept payment in Pandas. Just saying...)

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