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It's been a rocky road

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by Lil_Miss_Wonderful, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. I got my PGCE (FE) about 6 years ago but have had real difficulty finding a permanent post. In five years I have taught for only 20 months (in three different places) and done some supply and some very occassional freelance work. I seem to have hit a brick wall. Hardly any jobs around and not even getting on the short list when I do apply. I really don't know what to do for the best, keep on banging my head against a brick wall or get a job outside of education. Any advice welcomed.
    Thank you

  2. TCSC47

    TCSC47 Star commenter

    It is tough at the moment because of the cutbacks but I hope you can keep going whatever.
    If you are in the midlands I can recommend a good teacher supply and employment agency of Monarch, who both myself and my daughter used. I don't have contact details but you can google them.
    The local newspapers carry the adverts for FE jobs. If they still do it you can get jobs that are in your line e-mailed to you from the TES when they appear.
    Surf your LEA at your county or city council web site. I suppose this is all falling apart now because of academies but I think that is where you can still get teaching jobs.
    Consider doing supply for secondary as well as FE. It is not good money, but it is money at least. It is also an interesting education about what is really going on out there.
    About getting on short lists - read both the job description AND the personel discription carefully. Make sure that you have given something for all questions. If you can answer all the requirements, they HAVE to interview you or they can be accused of discrimination.
    I don't know how good they are nowadays, but go and have a chat with Connections.
    Good Luck.
  3. Thanks TCSC47. I thought I wasn't going to get a reply but I do appreciate you taking the time.
    I'm always very careful when completing apps and addressing the job description and person spec. I applied for two jobs this year where I definately met all their requirements. I didn't know they HAD to interview you in that situation. How very interesting! When I asked for feedback on my app in one case, they went very quiet. Thank you for all the other good suggestions too. I'll certainly give it all a go.

  4. kkfarrar

    kkfarrar New commenter

    Hi LMW,
    I am really sorry to be so pedantic but as someone who has had quite a bit of luck with application forms, interviews and jobs, it is so important to check all your spellings......i.e. definitely is spelt with an 'i' not an 'a'. It could be the difference between an interview or a binned application! I always get someone to spell check my applications.
    Good Luck!
  5. I don't mean to sound patronising in anyway but there is a real trick to filling in the application form. Are you ensuring that when you are given the opportunity to add 'supplementary information' you are referring back to the spec for the post and adding in information which directly relates to this? I know that when I first did one of these I didn't which is why i'm suggesting it.
  6. Sorry to those of you have replied since my last post. I only had a chance to log back in and check today but appreciate the advice / guidance / comments from
    JennyMus ( I can't believe I spelt definately, er...definitely wrong! Point taken!!)

    Thank you all
  7. If you're still looking for a job then maybe have a look on this website:
    There's over a thousand listed so hopefully you should find something!
    Good luck!

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