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ITQ Multimedia Software (Unit 48 and 49)

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by kindling_not_vessels, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. I am trying to think of ways to use the increased scope in ITQ to motivate some of my gifted and talented year 11 pupils.

    Does anyone feel able to offer advice about creating online HTML5 games (using Gamemaker or Scirra Construct2 or Stencyl) to make multimedia solutions consistent with some of the ITQ units. I was thinking of Level 3 Multimedia - Unit 49 or Level 2 - Unit 48.

    I've looked at the check list etc but there is lot of room to mis-interpret what will be needed, so I'm trying to gather as much information as I can before chancing my arm with a submission.
  2. <font size="3" face="CongressSans">

    <font size="3" face="CongressSans">It appears to me that you could
    complete level 3 with this type of project, the difference between level 2 and
    level 3 is that at level 3 the skills used are more advanced and the student
    has to find things out for themselves to a degree. The City & Guilds Level 3 spec has a
    helpful comment:</font>

    <font face="Arial">Publication tools and techniques will be described as
    &lsquo;advanced&rsquo; because:the software tools and functions used will be complex and at
    times require new learning, which

    • <font face="Arial">will involve having the idea that there may be a tool or
      function to do something (eg improve efficiency or create an effect), exploring
      technical support, self-teaching and applying;</font>

    • <font face="Arial">the inputting, manipulating and outputting techniques will
      be complex, and will involve research, identification and application; and</font>

    • <font face="Arial">the user will take full responsibility for inputting,
      structuring, editing and presenting the information.</font>

    If you think there will be enough scope for your students to cover this degree of complexity then I'd go for Level 3, otherwise I'm sure you'd easily achieve Level 2.
  3. Thanks for the help.

    As the multimedia units are new there is no equivalent CLAIT unit available and the centre assessed assignment is the only option available. I was just wondering what software other people are using for this unit and if anyone has tried using any of the game creation software I mentioned.
    There may well be some instances where the evidence needs to come from different software, I was just wondering if anyone had come across examples where game creation software was insufficient.
  4. Looking at the criteria it seems you'll be ok so long as you've got the ability to carry out the planning and provide the interactivity required. I would imagine many people would use an interactive flash video for this unit so a game would seem to fit the bill so long as it has the necessary sound and video elements.
  5. Thanks for your help, much appreciated. I'll let you know how we get on when a submission is made....

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