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italian pop song

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by buttongirl, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. buttongirl

    buttongirl New commenter

    Hi everone,
    I'm looking for an Italian song that my sixth formers would be able to perform in their languages week in our Eurovision-style event on the final day. They will have studied Italian for only a week so something with fairly straightforward or slightly repetitive lyrics would be best, and I'd also quite like something with a bit of oomph! It doesn't have to be an original Italian song - I have in the past done the Italian version of the High School Musical song, and the Spanish group have done a Spanish version of Waterloo as well - but an original Italian one would be nice. Any suggestions would be gratefully received as I spend ages looking for a suitable song each year and would love a helping hand if anyone has a good idea they could share with me! Thanks :)
  2. mflnqt

    mflnqt New commenter

    indietro by Tiziano Ferro?
    Io canto by Laura pausini?
  3. noemie

    noemie Occasional commenter

    My students found Anderson's Creek primary school's webpage really funny. Try the Old Macdonald song in Italian - hilarious. Perhaps not the streetcred you're after but worth a look: http://teachit.acreekps.vic.edu.au/italian/index.htm
  4. buttongirl

    buttongirl New commenter

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions :)
  5. hi buttongirl,

    why not try "un estate italiana" by gianna nannini. its an old world cup song that the audience might enjoy.

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