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Italian GCSE which board?

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by littlemysterious, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. littlemysterious

    littlemysterious New commenter

    My daughter wants to take a GCSE in Italian, so starting studying the language properly from about Easter, just Ks3 level.
    She has a smattering and learned vocabulary from a tutor, school, and various websites.
    We hope her school will allow her to take it there, but haven't approached them to ask yet as it's only just a thought now and she will obviously need to be motivated.
    She attends an independant school, is Y8, so would sit it in 2020.
    I have downloaded all the different board syllabus (syllabi)? They all look very much the same and I was wondering if each board varied in what it prepared the student for.
    Would it be better to choose a board that the school uses for other MFL AQA or go for the Cambridge igcse? Or any others?

    Any suggestions or tips to find the most appropriate gratefully received

  2. Caity52

    Caity52 New commenter

    I am an Italian teacher and am also frequently asked to organise for external candidates from other schools to take their GCSE with us. This is how it is likely to work if your daughter's school is prepared to accommodate your request as they will need to provide an external examiner for the oral element (who is appropriately skilled in conducting these exams - not just a random native speaker!) With this in mind you really need to discuss your plans with the school and they will then probably tell you which board she needs to be prepared for. I would not be willing to conduct the exams for a student who had prepared for a different board of which I had no knowledge. I do AQA but that doesn't help you at all, you need to know what your daughter's school (or whoever would conduct the exams) uses. If there is no experience at all locally of Italian GCSE (which is unlikely as it is not that rare a subject and most schools will have a connection to someone who can conduct them.) you will still need to work out how the exam will work logistically and work in collaboration with the examiner and school who will be acting as a centre to decide on the board they feel happiest working with.
  3. DiscipleofPlato

    DiscipleofPlato New commenter

    REviving this thread as by coincidence my Y8 daughter now wants to study Italian to GCSE level. She proposes to do so privately. Her school does most MFLs through IGCSE but we would be willing to do it elsewhere as a private candidate if someone has any views on the relative merits of the various exam boards....

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