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IT teacher seeks new career???!!!

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by CAAC, Aug 24, 2019.

  1. CAAC

    CAAC New commenter

    Hi all,

    Looking for ideas/advice/other people’s experiences. I’m an IT teacher, I’ve been teaching for 15 years and have been a HOD for 14 of these years.
    I deliver IT and creative iMedia courses at KS4 and have a basic understanding of Computing - although this doesn’t come naturally to me and I don’t enjoy it.
    My degree is BSc (Hons) KeyStage 2/3 with IT so I’m trained to teach primary also.
    With recent changes in my subject and the exam boards becoming unrealistic (nationally grade 9’s awarded in other subjects to students is 3.89% compared with 0.52% nationally achieving Dist* in my subject. Plus the top grade only being worth 8.5 and not 9, I really can’t win with Prog8), many schools being called in to disrepute with malpractice and plagiarism investigations, the huge marking burden and stress of still being controlled assessment subjects and generally not spending anywhere near enough quality time with my family and fearing for my own mental health and well-being, I’m looking for out but have no idea what to do. I’ve looked at plenty of jobs which interest me but most require a degree in social work. We’ve recently bought a new house and I need to earn around £35k to be able to survive (this is a £10k cut). Any ideas appreciated.
  2. krakowiak6

    krakowiak6 Occasional commenter

    Sorry but how did you manage to earn 45k after just 15 years teaching? I doubt there are many jobs paying 35k outside of what you would call professions. If you have just bought a new house and need 35k to survive, I would suggest the most sensible thing to do would be to carry on earning 45k as a HOD. Your degree is a BSc Hons in what? You didn't say.
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  3. CAAC

    CAAC New commenter

    It’s in KS2/3 education with IT. I’m UPS 3 with a TLR2! I got to UPS3 before the appraisal system became dependant on positive Progress8 and was based upon how good a teacher you were!
    I feel sorry for new entrants as I’ve no idea how you’re supposed to progress (if your school approaches appraisal in the same way that mine does).
  4. krakowiak6

    krakowiak6 Occasional commenter

    Nah you can negotiate these days I think what you feel you are worth and either take it or leave it. There are no pay scales nowadays so I have heard. Anyway if you got to 45k in 15 years, I would stay there to pay off your house then once that has happened, just do something with less stress (but it will probably be low paid)
  5. 50sman

    50sman Lead commenter

    As a former ICT teacher and Computer Science teacher (I however am 60 with pension) the advice I cab=n give you is hang on in there - the computing backlash will start because of the reasons you outlined in your first post - we are nor producing a generation of students who can neither programme independently not use ICT. The new T levels in digital stuff may go some way to redress this balance.

    Expect the curriculum to change - carry on - it you like working in schools think about diversifying into special education or pastoral.
  6. CAAC

    CAAC New commenter

    With all due respect you don’t seem to know what you’re talking about with regard to the pay and appraisal system within LA maintained schools. Perhaps there are other systems in place in various academies.
    As for negotiation within the appraisal system - you’re deluded, at least in my school and in my experience! We have objectives set for us and we pass or fail them. The main objective is positive Progress 8, it doesn’t matter what you did to attempt to achieve this. What interventions/monitoring you did. If it’s not positive then the objective has not been met.
  7. CAAC

    CAAC New commenter

    Thank you, it’s good to hear that, I was thinking along the same lines but hanging on in there is tough, especially with a young family.
    I would love to get in to special ed but do t have much specialist experience beyond that of a normal mainstream classroom. I’ve started to look at courses with are self paced (and self funded) in to autism and young people’s mental health, I’m working my way through to try and enhance my skills.
  8. krakowiak6

    krakowiak6 Occasional commenter

    I must admit I have no idea nowadays about pay and progression but could you not get a job in a private school then? Or go abroad and teach in an international school (and if your partner is a teacher they can also teach at the same time) and rent out your house for 5 yers or so and save up money then come back home.
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  9. CAAC

    CAAC New commenter

    Private schools only seem to offer Computer Science.
    My husband isn’t a teacher and we have young children (pre-school) and rely on family support with childcare so moving abroad isn’t really an option, thanks for the suggestion though.
  10. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    Until you reach any decisions, if you're on £45k and could survive on £35k, I suggest that you do some saving, to cushion any drop in income that might be needed.
    Or consider asking to go down to 4 days a week - frees up some time for studying, or even getting some experience in a special school.
  11. s1976

    s1976 New commenter

    I was in a similar position, not a HOD but a head of year and IT teacher. I also taught in Special Ed for a period of time.
    If you go for special ed your salary is likely to drop unless you can pick up a TLR fairly quickly but such schools normally have a

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