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IT resources

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by welshpagan, May 20, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I currently in a school where our technology department no longer as a dedicated IT suite. I now have to book a computer room up to 6 weeks in advance for my classes. I have noticed a profound drop in marks which my students are achieving at GCSE. Our laser cutter is now linked to a stand alone machine which only staff have access to and pupils do not know how to use 2D design.

    Is anyone else in this situation? has anybody else noticed a fall in achievment because of it? does anyone have any suggestions?

    thanks for taking the time to read this and any advice is greatly welcome.
  2. Hi,

    Yes I am really struggling without a computer room at my new school. One of my GCSE classes has been lucky to be timetabled when the ICT rooms have plenty of availability, but my other two groups are not so lucky and as such their performance is hampered. Especially as with controlled assessment work should really be more tightly monitored so you can't have them doing CAD at home etc really... I'm trying to get hold of half a dozen computers to put in my classroom and maybe offer a rota system for students to get around it? I don't know really. Budget is a MASSIVE problem, or lack of it!
    Personally I don't see how management can think it's possible to run Design & TECHNOLOGY without giving the subject a dedicated ICT facility. I think D&T is more important than ICT. ICT should no longer be a stand alone subject! It should be taught through other subjects. We can then take their rooms. Excellent!
  3. I totally agree. I also teach ICT and find that the project i deliver to the students could be covered through cross curriculum. Do you know of any resources or data that can back this opinion up. My classes are estimated an FFTD 76% A-C this year and im nowhere near this attainment. I know this is not the only factor but i am already thinking about exam analysis in september.

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