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It feels like a Friday

Discussion in 'Personal' started by anon4046, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. I'm in a Friday mood.

    Not wise really, considering it's only Wednesday.

    Still - Wednesday, eh? We're over the hump! Thursdays are quite festive and Fridays just don't count (well, not here they don't as Fridays are a half day)
    I'm going to have some wine.
  2. I'm in a Friday mood.

    Not wise really, considering it's only Wednesday.

    Still - Wednesday, eh? We're over the hump! Thursdays are quite festive and Fridays just don't count (well, not here they don't as Fridays are a half day)
    I'm going to have some wine.
  3. I love Fridays - PPA all day! I'd join you in a glass of wine but I can't. Damn those antibiotics!
  4. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    I feel tired enough for it to be a Friday. I need to sleep, preferably for 2 days.
    Cheers to that! [​IMG]
  5. I certainly feel tired enough for a Friday, and one much later in the term as well!
    Opening wine............
  6. In keeping with the Weightwatchers spirit of things I have restricted wine to two 175ml (measured and pointed) glasses per week on a Friday, after having cleaned the house top to bottom, done the shopping and tidied up the garden.
    BUT QUITE FRANKLY, I'm getting a bit fed up with living on less than 1000 calories (I worked it all out, sod the points) a day, doing 2-3 exercise classes a week (depending on whether the instructor can be ***** to turn up this week) and still only losing between half a pound and a pound a week.
    So **** it. I thought I'd open a bottle of wine tonight, not in celebration of weight lost but in disappointment at so little having gone. And the cork is stuck in the bottle. Big strong young Son2 couldn't budge it. My vice-like thighs, ever reliable in the quest for wine-bottle cork removal having failed, I had to call on a man. Then I called upon Mr L who had just walked through the door, which made me look ike a bit of a lush.
    Between us we managed to hack and poke the beast into the bottle so am now enjoying the second stinking 4-point glass of wine after total day's consumption has been instant porridge and skimmed milk, one banana, one lamb-foetus chop (I only ate the meaty bit in the middle and left the rest) and some no-points veg.
    I'm not even particularly hungry. Just bitter.
  7. Strange, I felt all day like tomorrow was friday. Then I get home, see the football fixtures and think "not on a Monday".
    I think perhaps I'm just losing my grip.
  8. Back to eating hessian and drinking dust tomorrow, eh Lily?
  9. :)
  10. I tell you, the second this wedding is out the way I am going to send my grip off in a taxi with "Just lost" written on the back and dragging ten empty bottles.
  11. Instead of Weightwatchers, just buy yourself a sturdy, modern-day, lycra corset. It saves on misery...
  12. This is southern Turkey in early September. I am trying to eliminate garments.
    But worse, it's a posh beach resort peopled by stick insects I actually know. The pressure of getting your kit off at my age is hard enough without being surrounded by the eight-stone average weight of the female in-laws I may ever have to see again grrrrrr.
    I have never felt any personal need to be thinner than I am before. This is new. And I don't like it, although I am feeling a new oneness with those who do.
    Looking forward to next Christmas, when I shall consume my own weight in Stilton and chocolate. My recent cholesterol test ("very pleasing") can go **** itself.
  13. Ah. Corsets are out then.
    Control pants? I'm sure you'll look lovely anyway.
  14. Yehbut that's because you've never seen me.
    But yes, I shall be wearing M&S high-waist Miracle tights clipped to my (now much smaller) bra because they usually wreak some improvement. My legs are hellish but I have this 50s thing about not attending a formal engagement in bare legs anyway so two birds with one stone.
  15. You ****** yet? I am. Doesn't take much on **** all calories :)
  16. You have my sympathy Lily - pound a week is good though! Surely if you lose a pound a week til September you'll have lost 24 pounds altogether?
    M-i-l is on weight watchers - the only way she can stick to it is to have a fun size bag of maltesers every evening to satisfy her chocolate cravings. She's still losing weight though.
    A little of what you fancy is a good thing surely?

  17. Me too. Sometimes I miss having a job where you could just coast for a day or two.
  18. I'm not permanently hungry and I don't really crave food - I eat plenty of crappy no-enjoyment-factor no-points stuff. I don't need to lose any weight at all and know this is entirely vanity. I haven't fallen into the latest ProPoints zero-rated fruit trap because I am a trained dietician and know perfectly well that you can't eat a ton of bananas every day and not gain!
    But I am now rather wondering how I can ever go back to normal-for-me eating and not pile on weight. I know it's been a cold spring but I am always cold and wondering slightly if this might be something to do with my Thyroxine dosage - even though GP reckons it isn't.
    I want a reason. In fact, I demand one!
  19. O Lily - huge hugs. You will be beautiful.
    If it makes you feel any better, at my own wedding in June, I have to be surrounded by Mr stb-Fenty's 3 stunning, slim, blonde daughters and his teeny, petite sisters. In fact, it's a good job the ceremony's not on a boat, cos the difference between the average size of his family & mine would have us capsized. I'm seriously considering getting wed in my walking gear & boots cos I just don't do dainty.
    Get yourself a tan - makes everything look / feel better.
    And cheers! Hic [​IMG]

  20. Hahahaha! I don't feel so alone! My neighbour has just popped round with a big slab of christening cake and an apology that they didn't invite us because it was in Birmingham. And then, thankfully, she jiggered off so I didn't have to eat it in front of her. Does fruit cake freeze?
    I feel jolly sorry for her. She is a hyper-intelligent, grounded GP. She had this baby to a clever fit man. They did everything by the book. She breastfed exclusively for six months and then introduced organic vegetables from their allotment. Poor sprog has a list of allergies a mile long and has been in and out of hospital since Christmas with asthma/pneumonia. They keep asking me what I did different with mine and I can only answer "Honestly, it's just a lottery." He's a lovely baby. Solemn but engaging of respect. Reminds me of my second.

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