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IT buff help please with external hard drive...

Discussion in 'Personal' started by veni_vidi, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. veni_vidi

    veni_vidi New commenter

    Hello, this is completely baffling me as i read solutions on support sites so any help or advice that i can understand would be gratefully received.
    I recently bought a Buffalo 2T external harddrive, assuming this would just plug in and i'd be able to transfer files onto it (like a pen stick harddrive).
    However it needed to install all this stuff onto my laptop, which i don't even know what it's for, and has left a funny tool bar at the side on my screen.
    Then yesterday i tried to use this at school, and it aked for permission from the administrator to download software.
    Does anyone know if there is a way around this, as i'm sure the school won't allow me to download this onto their system. It all seems like such a farce i may try send it back.
    So also, can you recommend an external harddrive that just plugs in and works on any computer?

    Many thanks
  2. Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious New commenter

    Have a look at models from either Seagate or Western Digital (WD). Their blurb offers the plug and play instant-use you want, I'd say.
  3. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

  4. veni_vidi

    veni_vidi New commenter

    Thanks for the suggestions, i'll look into them.
    How hard is it to reformat the thing though?
  5. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    plug it in
    find it in the 'my computer'
    right click


  6. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    2 Terabytes? Some time around November 2016?

    Well alright then, maybe not that long but I'd suggest you leave it formatting overnight ;-)

  7. I'm still in 48k with the ZX Spectrum [​IMG]
  8. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    I'm old enough to remember preparing and eating my tea while waiting for a 16K ZX81 game to load from audio cassette. If you were really lucky it did it first time.
  9. R Tape Loading error -
  10. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    I remember getting a new baseball game from the usa..5 hours loading time on the old amstrad (in green and urm lesser green!)

    Went to bed, set the alarm for 2am...woke up to find it hadn't loaded...finally got to play it at 5am!!!
  11. Ahh - the Spectrum! Hours and hours of watching those blue and yellow lines on the TV, accompanied by that weird squealing sound whilst it loaded from a cassette. Then there were my pathetic attempts at programming, not to mention the brainwashing effects of The Hobbit, Manic Miner and Attic Attack. Happy days...
  12. veni_vidi

    veni_vidi New commenter

    I have no idea what these last posts are about, ha ha. Thanks for the advice though grandelf, i'll try that! [​IMG]
  13. Don't forget the 2 word instructions needed by The Incredible Hulk... floored a friend who owned it for 3 months and couldn't make the Hulk move from the chair he was tied to.
    Tip Up did it! He then got angry and broke loose. By then we had lost interest!
  14. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    poor you, just a few of us greyer haired folks looking back to a child hood of lost hours with computers


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